American Entrepreneurial Challenge 2021

The United States Embassy, in collaboration with Tribe Tampere is excited to announce the American Entrepreneurial Challenge 2021. Together, we seek to challenge secondary and upper secondary school students to bring their fresh perspectives for new business ideas, create viable business plans, and successfully pitch their ideas to a panel of expert judges. Participants have the opportunity to improve their business skills and learn from mentors throughout the competition. This year’s competition will be virtual. The winners will receive financial support, mentoring, and (COVID permitting) a trip to an entrepreneurial summer camp. 

First launched in 2013 as the Ambassador’s Entrepreneurial Challenge, the competition has become an annual tradition. This year, the competition has a new name, American Entrepreneurial Challenge, but the goal is the same – increasing entrepreneurial spirit among young people. Together, we are fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs who will continue transatlantic leadership for a better tomorrow.

Winners of the AEC competition 2020

Tribe Tampere is an entrepreneurial community who works to unite and empower entrepreneurial people. As the organizer of the AEC, Tribe is supporting future founders to take action and nurturing their growth mindset to create a thriving startup ecosystem in Tampere and in Finland. Tribe also seeks to connect young people with student-led Entrepreneurship Societies around Finland to help them create valuable connections from day one. Tribe will  feature its team of four experienced members to carry out the competition: Juho Mäkinen as the Project Coordinator, with Ilia Fedorov, Petteri Kiuru and Michelle Frank. Platform6 startup house is also a supporting partner of the project.

Tribe Tampere team responsible for carrying out the competition: Juho Mäkinen as the Project Coordinator (back), with Petteri Kiuru, Michelle Frank, and Ilia Fedorov.

Tribe Tampere has a history of supporting entrepreneurial and startup related projects in Finland. In the spring of 2020, Tribe was also one of the organizers of the Startup World Cup online competition. Tribe is also the organizer of the annual Most Startup Friendly Company in Finland competition.


  • Series of 6 online competitions for students in Finland.

  • 38 teams – 102 attendees.
  • First semi-finals in April 2021. Finals in May 2021. 

  • 13 secondary school teams – 34 attendees.
    One winner and two runner-ups will be awarded with financial support for the development of their business idea, mentoring, and a summer camp in Finland, with a heavy startup focus.

  • 25 upper secondary school teams – 68 attendees.
    One winner and two runners-up will be selected: awards will include financial support for the development of the business idea and mentoring

Marketing Intern – Growing and Learning Journey

Tribe is now looking for a new Marketing Intern, as our amazing Ella-Juulia Ora is jumping into new challenges. We asked Ella about her journey with Tribe. 

Starting point

Hi guys, my name is Ella – at this point still Tribe’s Marketing Intern, soon moving forward to new challenges. I am from Finland, but along the years I have lived in Italy and Spain and used to work in various multinational environments. When the pandemic started, I was living in Northern Italy, in the Alps, and working as a resort manager in Madonna di Campiglio. Covid made me come home to Finland earlier than planned, which was a huge disappointment at that point. I could go on and on about my background, but let’s keep this brief(ish).

Due to early homecoming from Italy, I was looking for a new job in marketing or customer success fields, but the job search ended up being harder than I thought. Like a blessing in disguise, Tribe was looking for a marketing intern. Unpaid position was not exactly what I was looking for, but this position offered HUGE possibilities to learn, meet new people and grow my network, which would also be helpful factors in my job-hunt. Also, I was really craving an international community of people, where I could see people in daily basis and have inspiring conversations, as that is not something that you can take for granted these days.

During this world-wide pandemic it ended up being really hard to find that kind of opportunities that I was looking for, and stand out in the big crowd of great applicants. It was very frustrating time and I just wanted to fit in an environment that would support my goals and development. I’m pretty sure that I would have lost my mind without Tribe (no joke). <3

The group of Tribe interns who started in November 2020

The journey with Tribe

My journey with Tribe kind of started years ago, when I was studying in Proakatemia along with Teemu, the current COO of Tribe. Teemu dragged his teammates, me included, to Tribe’s grand opening event on 2017. Nobody really knew what Tribe was about at that point, but we just went along, networking in mind of course. Last year when I noticed that Tribe is looking for a marketing intern, I already knew that this could be just that kind of community this lost lamb would need in her life right now!

This community has given me just what I needed; new networks, opportunities to develop my skills, being part of a community and meet amazing, talented people, international environment and a lot of support. I was working as a part of marketing team, alongside Tribe’s Marketing Lead Mirella, who has been a great marketing mentor to me during this time. Without a doubt, it required an open and creative mind, and learner’s and entrepreneurial attitude to achieve my goals at Tribe and find the things that I was looking for. I encourage everyone with this kind of mindset to reach out to Tribe and be a part of this community!

Me (on the right) and Cat, Tribe’s Community Intern, hanging out on the 5th floor

Future steps 

It’s definitely bittersweet to jump into new challenges from being a marketing intern at Tribe. I feel that Tribe and my marketing intern period have played a huge role in my personal growth and finally being able to find my future role.

I’m not going far though! My future workplace is across the street from Platform6, and I’m definitely going to be a part of Tribe’s marketing team in the future as well, as this is possible due to Tribe’s open-door policy. It’s hard to find more welcoming crowd in Tampere than this!

If our paths cross at some Tribe event, come and say hi, I want to meet you! Oh, and watch Tribe Hour – Do – Learn – Grow With Tribe next Wednesday – I’ll be there! Grazie e ci vediamo dopo! <3

Interested in continuing Ella’s work as Tribe’s next Marketing Intern? Read more and apply now HERE

Community Lead – Connecting and Creating

Tribe is in a search for a new Community Lead, as our awesome Michelle Goh is moving on to new challenges. We asked Michelle about her job and also her journey with Tribe.

The start

I’m Michelle – Tribe’s Community Lead. I’m from Singapore – but I’ve spent around ten years job – hopping through various countries. I’m not sure how to fit my whole background into one paragraph – but let’s just say it started with observing spiders to wrangling penguins, founding a cinema, and finally being a community manager at a coworking space. 

April 2020 saw me stumbling into Tampere, homeless with 3 grumpy cats and not speaking a single word of Finnish in the middle of a pandemic. As an extrovert (to a fault!) it was challenging – no friends, no job, no network, no events. I sat in my AirBnB desperately trawling through Facebook and LinkedIn to find my community in this strange new city. 

Lo and behold – there was Tribe Tampere, hosting virtual events for Tampere’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. I started attending these events, and finally ventured curiously to their old premises at P47 during their closing bash. Stepping in, I could feel the energy and enthusiasm coursing through the room. I met so many Tribers that day, who were nothing but welcoming and supportive. When they encouraged me to apply to join Tribe as a Community Lead – despite being 8 months pregnant, I went for it. Best choice EVER.

Welcoming our interns in November 2020

The Community

As the Community Lead at Tribe, I am responsible for maintaining relationships with key players in the start-up ecosystem and creating synergistic encounters. It has been tricky with COVID – but we’ve managed to make do with virtual roundtables, mentoring sessions and our infamous bi-weekly fellowship round-up! Every day I get to meet inspiring founders, change makers and talents, and everyone is always willing to help and support each other for the cheap price of a coffee (which Tribe provides on the house – what a steal). Now 7 months, 2 talkoots, 82 zoom meetings, 1 karaoke night and 426 bad jokes later, I finally feel like I’ve found a community where I belong.

The flexibility of Tribe’s structure can be challenging for some. It requires bucketloads of self-starting initiative as we don’t believe in a culture of top-down or micro management. But at the same time it provided me with the freedom within my work to develop skills for my career growth. I always had an interest in People Operations – and when Tribe started expanding – I took the opportunity to develop Tribe’s hiring processes. The experience helped me land a full time job as a talent agent in a recruitment company. 

Looking into the future

It is a bittersweet moment, stepping into this new role. But you ain’t seen the last of me yet – Tribe’s open door policy means that anyone is able to be part of it – and I would like to give back to the community that has helped me so much. So do say hello if you see me running a workshop, rabble-rousing at a Zoom event and most definitely come get a big fat hug once COVID lifts and I’m slinging beers at Tribe’s legendary happy hours 🙂

Interested in continuing Michelle’s work as Tribe’s next Community Lead? Read more and apply now HERE

COVID guidelines of Tribe Tampere and Platform6


Guidelines valid from 02.12.2020 until 30.4.2021

Platform6 is actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and decisions issued by the public authorities will be immediately be adhered in our community’s Health & Safety COVID-19 Guidebook for Platform6 members. 

Tougher restrictions were imposed in Pirkanmaa as the coronavirus situation in the region has worsened considerably during the past two weeks. Therefore, a list of new measures has been taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on Platform6.

No visitors: To minimize the risk of infection, Platform6 building will remain closed to external persons (= visitors, guests). Platform6 employees and resident startups and companies will be able to access the premises with their key.

Face Mask recommendation: Face masks are strongly recommended in all public common places, including corridors, toilets, meeting rooms and other common areas. 

Limit on Number of persons: The number of people using the same common room at the same time is limited. A maximum of 6 Platform6 members + Platform6 employees is allowed at the same time in each common area. 

Remote Work: we promote to work remotely as much as possible to flatten the curve until the end of the year. 

5th floor kitchen: & coffee areas:

  • Residents can continue to use the shared kitchen on the 5th floor to warm up your lunch or get coffee.
  • We strongly suggest to avoid kitchen area and common areas during peak lunch hours 11:00-13:00.
  • As a general reminder, please wash your hands before and after operating any kitchen appliances.
  • Please be mindful that we very strongly advice for no more than max 6 people in the area at same time!

All Events & Gatherings moved online: 

All in-person events and company gatherings (even with less than 6 persons limit) have been cancelled.

We strongly recommend all gatherings including holiday season celebrations to be moved online! 

At all times, but particularly at the moment, if you are ill for any reason or displaying any symptoms such as a dry cough, fever, or shortness of breath, please stay home.

Even with mild symptoms, we kindly ask you to not enter Platform6. 

To protect the community, it is important to also observe the safety precautions during your free time.

Tribe has a new home!

Tribe has a new home at Platform6

First of all, welcome to our new and improved website! We will keep building and improving the content, and we hope you can find all the relevant information here in the future.

We have finally moved from our old and beloved home Pinninkatu 47 2nd floor to our new and shiny place at Tampere startup house Platform6 5th floor. We have been renovating, cleaning, painting, hammering and screwing for several weekends to get the community space up and running. We owe a huge thanks and hundreds of remote hugs to our awesome volunteers who have been helping us throughout this process. We could not have done it without you! 

About Platform6

Platform6 is the epicenter of the Tampere startup ecosystem: one stop for all things startup. Located in the heart of Tampere in the Tulli business area, Platform6 opened its doors in October 2020 and it will be home to more than 50 resident startups and a natural meeting place for the startup community. 

The renovation schedule of Platform6 has been constantly changing because of, well, you know, that is just how renovations work. Thus there has been, and still is some complications in getting the common spaces fully operational. Also because of the new location, our operating model will be slightly different in the future. What we know at the time is that Tribe will be running its operations mainly on the 5th and 1st floor.

1st floor

The 1st floor of Platform6 will be open for everyone interested in the house and Tampere startup ecosystem. The specific operating model of 1st floor has not yet been decided, but it will most likely be along the lines of what P47 was before. So don’t worry, there will still be an open space for free mingling and open events! The 1st floor will open in December, but because of the COVID-19 situation, there will most likely not be any opening parties; at least not this year.

5th floor

The 5th floor will be a community and event space for house residents, Platform6 members, and Tribe Fellows through Tribe Fellowship. We wanted to create the Tribe Fellowship for the most active players who are not residents of the house, but who want to work together with Tribe’s operational team on a regular basis to build, help and support the startup ecosystem of Tampere.

So how can you get in?

The 5th floor will technically be open from 26.10.2020. Although, before the opening of the 1st floor, the house will not be fully open to any incoming guest. If you are curious about the 5th floor and want to come by and say hello, you can access the 5th floor as a visitor. Just drop us a message.

We will still be organising some community events with precautions (masks, sanitisers etc.) and are looking into hybrid event options at the moment.

If you want to help the startup ecosystem in these challenging times, one way to contribute is Tribe Fellowship! We are planning on creating projects to boost the ecosystem with Tribe Fellows, and of course as a Tribe Fellow you will get your own key access to the 5th floor.

Well all this sounds pretty messy and confusing!

Things do not always go as planned, and especially anyone who has ever been involved with startups knows that. Change is inevitable, and we will steer the boat as best we can to the direction that will be for the better. Tribe is all about people, about you, me and all of us. We will know more in time, and as a community do the best we can to keep the Tribe heart and spirit alive!

“You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.”

Paulo Coelho