Open intern and job positions in Tribe Tampere

First of its kind: Startup Rekry Recruitment Event

Bringing most potentially hiring and growing startups-scaleups in town together with lots of skilled talents via matchmaking tool to have 1-1 direct interviews as well as designing a program for both startups and talents to learn, get practical tips, experience and inspiration.

Last year’s turnout was great, 350+ signups with 14 companies and 20+ open positions, 150+ show-up, 180+ meetings in records, and much more not recorded.

The aim is to improve the event to a whole new level and run it in two days. First day is for workshops, infos and keynotes, second day is for interviews and hackathon only! Dates of the event are 10th and 11th of March.

Now we are looking for highly motivated talents to take this to a new level. No Finnish skills required for any role, it’s only considered as a plus!

Mainly, there is a need for people in

  • Sales 
    • Salespeople will mainly cold call/email and meet Startups (at least 2-3 people) 
    • It’s also possible to take lead on finding Sponsors for the event 
  • Marketing 
    • B2B Marketer who will plan and run our marketing towards startups/scaleups
    • B2C Marketer who will plan and run our marketing towards jobseekers 
    • Paid Ads Star who will take care of running our ads for targeted groups based on the needs and in line with our marketing strategies
    • Content / Growth Marketer who will plan and run our overall marketing strategy to identify what content to produce and test different ones with paid ads to get results
  • Event Organizing – Project Management 
    • We need at least one person who will support building the event program for both talents and startups by hunting quality potential Speakers and Coaches for the event (a unique chance to build your network with Startups&HR people) 
  • Customer Success/Support – Account Management 
    • Supporting Startups-Sponsors-Speakers throughout the event as a main contact person
  • Data 
    • 1 person to lead our data efforts by Analysis of data collected from Registration & Feedback forms – Financials – BI/Python experience appreciated

Got interested? Apply HERE!

NOTE: These are voluntary based roles where you are not expected to work more than 15 hours per week. You will receive certificates from Tribe Tampere for your role. For students, it is also possible to get credits from Y-Kampus. 

By this, you will get to practice what you learned at school, gain experience in your desired field by proving yourself, and network and meet with the most entrepreneurial people in town. After this, you may be able to get jobs easier by building your networks, and getting references by showing your expertise. 

This is a unique opportunity for anyone who lacks the experience in their CV-career and wants to kick-start their journey. Apply NOW to join creating something amazing, latest on January 22nd.

We will start reviewing applications as they arrive and start date is as soon as possible the candidate is ready.

If you have any questions about the position, please contact Startup Rekry Event Lead Kagan Özkan at kagan.ozkan@tribetampere.com

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