Open intern and job positions in Tribe Tampere

Tribe Tampere is a nonprofit community-driven entrepreneurial association. Tribe Tampere serves the entire Tampere startup ecosystem by uniting startups, talents and organisations to take action and build a thriving startup community – together!

As a marketing intern you will be working together with Startup Marketing Lead and the marketing team of Tribe Fellows. You will also be a part of Tribe’s operational team and take part in day-to-day operations.

You will participate in creating and carrying out the Tribe Tampere marketing plan and marketing activities which includes:

  • Contribute in creation and updating of the marketing plan
  • Content creation for website, newsletter and social media

NOTE: The ability to be physically present at Platform6 on a weekly basis is mandatory in this position.

What we expect from you

  • Know-how about marketing and media – especially social media
  • Good communication skills (very good level of English)
  • Understanding of Tampere entrepreneurial ecosystem (at least strong will to learn to understand it).
  • Ability to develop the job further, open-mindedness and being active and self-organised
  • Good communicative and collaborative team spirit – you are a people’s person.
  • Creativity! Tribe’s tone of voice is fun and casual. So all kinds of crazy and innovative ideas are highly appreciated!
  • Willingness to learn more (this is a must!)

Bonus Points if you’re good at

  • Visual and especially written content creation: Blog text writing, social media management, photography, video editing, graphic design skills etc.
  • Hands-on experience from startup field and entrepreneurship
  • International experience
  • Diversity is encouraged – and a fully open-minded and entrepreneurial mindset which doesn’t look for any age, gender, orientation, nationality, ethnicity, background, etc!

The Start-up Spirit 

This position requires a strong passion to work with the startup community, so the entrepreneurial attitude is a must-have! You will excel in this role if you are a strong self starter with a lot of initiative –  if something has to be done, it has to be done, no matter of time expected to be consumed at the given moment.

Time Commitment
This position is an internship position. Although we can’t offer monetary compensation, the role comes with great benefits (see below). In order to get a good experience and contacts during the journey, around 7-10h/week commitment would be good (of course you can also do more hours than that if you want). The duration of the position is 3 months with a possibility to continue.

What can we offer?

While working for Tribe Tampere, you will be in the middle of one of the fastest-growing, innovative and transparent startup ecosystems in the Nordics! You will be a part of the newly opened start-up house Platform6, and get to work in the heart of the Tampere startup scene. Your colleagues will be other passionate start-up minded people and you will also get the chance to meet other awesome entrepreneurial characters from all over the world.

What you get from this internship depends entirely on how much you put into it. Many of our old and current teammates have used the support from Tribe to build up their networks and achieve their dream goals!

Tribe Tampere is all about collaboration, and it is committed to making Tampere entrepreneurial communities and startup companies shine. This is your chance of a lifetime to be an integral part of a truly amazing change which will affect both Tampere and your life for years to follow!

If you are studying, you will have a great chance to get credits from this position and practical experience. The internship is eligible for a work trial by TE-toimisto.

Please apply by filling out this application form by 5.4.2021. Read our previous Marketing Interns thoughts in our blog.