BLOG POST: COVID guidelines of Tribe Tampere and Platform6


Platform6 and Tribe are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation.  A list of new measures has been taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 on Platform6.

Guests: No guest policy is now lifted for Tribe. Remember that is up to the host of the guest/visitor to inform and ensure that our House Rules and COVID-19 Health guidelines are followed!

Face Mask recommendation: Face masks are strongly recommended in all public common places, including corridors, toilets, meeting rooms and other common areas. 

Limit on Number of persons: Tribe premises has combined of 250m2 space for customer use. To ensure that space users have the opportunity for social distancing, we have limited the use of the space to a maximum of 50 people at a time.

Remote Work: we promote to work remotely as much as possible to flatten the curve until the end of the year. 

5th floor kitchen: & coffee areas:

  • Residents can continue to use the shared kitchen on the 5th floor to warm up your lunch or get coffee.
  • We strongly suggest to avoid kitchen area and common areas during peak lunch hours 11:00-13:00.
  • As a general reminder, please wash your hands before and after operating any kitchen appliances.
  • Social distance of 2 meters should be in practice all the times.
  • Please be mindful that we very strongly advice for no more than max 50 people in the area at same time!

Even with mild symptoms, we kindly ask you to not enter Platform6. 

To protect the community, it is important to also observe the safety precautions during your free time.