BLOG POST: Marketing Intern – Growing and Learning Journey

Tribe is looking for a new Marketing Intern as our amazing Ella-Juulia Ora is jumping into new challenges. We asked Ella about her journey with Tribe. 

Starting point

Hi guys, my name is Ella – at this point still Tribe’s Marketing Intern, soon moving forward to new challenges. I am from Finland, but along the years I have lived in Italy and Spain and used to work in various multinational environments. When the pandemic started, I was living in Northern Italy, in the Alps, and working as a resort manager in Madonna di Campiglio. Covid made me come home to Finland earlier than planned, which was a huge disappointment at that point. I could go on and on about my background, but let’s keep this brief(ish).

Due to early homecoming from Italy, I was looking for a new job in marketing or customer success fields, but the job search ended up being harder than I thought. Like a blessing in disguise, Tribe was looking for a marketing intern. Unpaid position was not exactly what I was looking for, but this position offered HUGE possibilities to learn, meet new people and grow my network, which would also be helpful factors in my job-hunt. Also, I was really craving an international community of people, where I could see people in daily basis and have inspiring conversations, as that is not something that you can take for granted these days.

During this world-wide pandemic it ended up being really hard to find that kind of opportunities that I was looking for, and stand out in the big crowd of great applicants. It was very frustrating time and I just wanted to fit in an environment that would support my goals and development. I’m pretty sure that I would have lost my mind without Tribe (no joke). <3

The group of Tribe interns who started in November 2020

The journey with Tribe

My journey with Tribe kind of started years ago, when I was studying in Proakatemia along with Teemu, the current COO of Tribe. Teemu dragged his teammates, me included, to Tribe’s grand opening event on 2017. Nobody really knew what Tribe was about at that point, but we just went along, networking in mind of course. Last year when I noticed that Tribe is looking for a marketing intern, I already knew that this could be just that kind of community this lost lamb would need in her life right now!

This community has given me just what I needed; new networks, opportunities to develop my skills, being part of a community and meet amazing, talented people, international environment and a lot of support. I was working as a part of marketing team, alongside Tribe’s Marketing Lead Mirella, who has been a great marketing mentor to me during this time. Without a doubt, it required an open and creative mind, and learner’s and entrepreneurial attitude to achieve my goals at Tribe and find the things that I was looking for. I encourage everyone with this kind of mindset to reach out to Tribe and be a part of this community!

Me (on the right) and Cat, Tribe’s Community Intern, hanging out on the 5th floor

Future steps 

It’s definitely bittersweet to jump into new challenges from being a marketing intern at Tribe. I feel that Tribe and my marketing intern period have played a huge role in my personal growth and finally being able to find my future role.

I’m not going far though! My future workplace is across the street from Platform6, and I’m definitely going to be a part of Tribe’s marketing team in the future as well, as this is possible due to Tribe’s open-door policy. It’s hard to find more welcoming crowd in Tampere than this!

If our paths cross at some Tribe event, come and say hi, I want to meet you! Oh, and watch Tribe Hour – Do – Learn – Grow With Tribe next Wednesday – I’ll be there! Grazie e ci vediamo dopo! <3