Open intern and Volunt positions at Tribe Tampere

Are you someone who loves to be a part of a community, always eager to dive headfirst into the action? Do you have a community building spirit and an entrepreneurial mindset? Are you interested in enabling connections and support of the Tampere startup ecosystem? Do you have a passion to develop yourself and the job you are doing?

If you answered YES then maybe you could be our new intern or a volunteer. And to really rock this job, you’ll need to bring your go-getter attitude, be a team player, and have that hunger to learn and improve. We’re all about development and growth, so that’s a must-have!

Briefly about Tribe Tampere:

Tribe Tampere is a non-profit community-based startup entrepreneurial association. Our goal is to connect the actors and stakeholders in the Tampere region and create continuous growth in the Startup.Tampere ecosystem through community collaboration.

All team members have a key role in community development. Our crew is made up of four part-time employees, super engaged volunteers, awesome community builders, and interns who are all working together in a self-driven setup.

English is our main language. And any other language makes it easier to integrate to the multinational Startup.Tampere community. On a weekly basis you will hear at least 5 different languages in the community, and yes, one of these is Finnish. So you do not need to be multilingual to join us. 

Intern at Tribe

What we offer you, is the space for learning and growing. We offer an open invitation to tell us what you would like to do, how you would like to improve your skills and learn more about entrepreneurial and startup work for example. We are continuously looking for people to join i.e., helping out and volunteering in event work, marketing activities, and community space operations and management. Tell us what you would like to do, and we can see together if there is a shorter or a longer project that we could do together!

Regarding internship and volunteering possibilities, please get in touch with any of the Tribe Operational Team -members.

Easiest is to come over a cup of coffee. You can find us from the Platform6 community space on 5th floor of Åkerlundinkatu 8, 33100 Tampere.

If you would rather contact us via email, please send us your brief cover letter and a simple CV to community(at)tribetampere.com. This way you will reach all of us with one message.