Tribe Tampere is a community consisting of people dedicated to serve Tampere startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are operated partly on a voluntary basis and act as a platform for new ideas to develop the startup ecosystem in Tampere. Our mission is to unite the actors inside the startup ecosystem in Tampere.

  • Through Tribe, startups have access to mentoring services, startup events and a network of other startups, talents, and collaborators. 
  • For active individuals Tribe operates as a gateway for newcomers into the startup scene. We will introduce you to the right networks and offer you support on your project ideas.
  • We also want to bring all the startup and entrepreneurial communities together on a regular basis, so we can better work together for a common goal of making Tampere a strong and unified startup city!

Tribe has an operational team consisting of active people, who work together on a daily basis to maintain and develop Tribe’s activities and services. On top of that we have Tribe Tampere board, volunteers, interns, Fellows, partner organisations and collaborators.

Tribe Tampere was launched in 2017. It is the support organization for entrepreneurial and startup players in the second biggest startup scene in Finland, Tampere startup city. It is made to stimulate collaboration and action between all the key ecosystem players. The base was established with an active group of people wanting to change Tampere startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem to be more community based, and to enhance the collaboration level.

Tribe has also been the birthplace to various new concepts in the startup ecosystem: TribeCast podcast, Sustainability Startup Weekend, Tampere Game Hub, FoodTechies, Red Brick Accelerator, Stream Startup Festival, Sauna pitching, TribeX and many more.

Tribe Tampere has been operating from Pinninkatu 47 (P47) until June 2020, and now we have started a new era at the new startup house Platform6. The development of Tribe Tampere and P47 space have been faster than anyone could have imagined. Tribe community has revolutionized the whole Tampere startup ecosystem, and will continue to do that in the future. 

Who are we?

Tribe has an operational team in charge of planning and day to day operations. We are a team of Tribe staff, interns and active community members committed to make the startup community in Tampere shine! If you have any ideas, suggestions, concerns etc, just send us a message and we will help you with anything!

All emails are firstname.lastname(at)tribetampere.com

Teemu Pinomäki

I am the COO at Tribe. I Make coffee, do dishes, warm up sauna and lead the operations. You can contact me with anything concerning co-operations and sponsorships.

Selina Kustula

As the Chairperson of Tribe, I am responsible of the strategy, administration and board functions.

Kağan Özkan

I'm mainly focusing on international talents for either joining the community, finding a job, or starting their companies as well as building connections for the ecosystem both national & international. Empowering talents by organizing events and initiating projects together. Also, mentoring and helping in whatever needed.

Leila Ali

I am a happy contributor to Tribe´s social media channels and website as a Marketing Intern. Blessed to enjoy the buzz with amazing people here. Open to new opportunities! I'm diligent and I have great communication skills. Let's talk about your ideas!

Karina Viche

I am the Community Lead of Tribe, my role is to expand and strengthen professional (and fraternal) reciprocity. Do you have an idea, want to explore the start-up ecosystem or to connect with other professionals? It would be my pleasure to help you!

Ilia Fedorov

I am taking care of people and space, solving problems and projects! Circular Economy Club Tampere & Tampere ES events! Jack of all trades! Contact me if you’re a student looking for support or advice, or are passionate about environment and responsible entrepreneurship.

Mirza Sagdati

Here on a mission to support Tribe startup activites. Think of me as a testbed for any startup idea, testing, validation or mentoring. Hey, let's grab a coffee!

Farzaneh Esmaeili

I am a Marketing Intern at Tribe. I take care of various marketing tasks in order to grow and spread Tribe’s mission. I am mainly responsible for SEO, email marketing and CMS updates on Tribe’s website. You can contact me for any marketing related initiatives and opportunities.

Mirella Mellonmaa

I am the Marketing Lead at Tribe, and I want to make sure everyone knows what Tribe is and what we do! If you have an idea about collaboration in marketing related topics, hit me with a message!

Nina Erkkilä

I work as a project coordinator for enabling job-seekers to find their hidden self-leadership skills to succeed in their future career path! You can contact me with anything related to career coaching and networking.

Kaisa Ojaniemi

I am a the Financial Lead of Tribe. I collect receipts and pay purchases invoices and create sales invoices. My responsibility is Tribe’s finances and I make sure we have money when we need it. Contact me if you need financial help with your project.