Tribe Tampere is a community that enables interaction and communication between actors in Tribe startup ecosystem. It includes entrepreneurial minded individuals from different fields and with different skills, volunteers, startups, investors and other startup communities and associations.

Tribe Tampere could be described as a roof under which these actors can unite to co-create value. And by that we are not meaning only a physical roof but also a cultural one. In the end it’s all about the encounters. And Tribe enables encounters. Everyone is welcome to join Tribe ecosystem: either to meet new people, start a company, help startups or invest in one. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, great business idea, hidden talent or otherwise just want to encounter new people – Tribe Tampere is a place to be.

Tribe people are entrepreneurial, open minded, brave, have the passion to do something awesome together, eager to develop themselves and go out of their comfort zones. Courage, collaboration and communication are the driving forces of our community.