Tribe Tampere is the support organization for entrepreneurial and startup players in the second biggest startup scene in Finland, Tampere startup city. It is made to stimulate collaboration and action between all the key ecosystem players.

Tribe is all about empowering people, we are stronger together! We want a clear path for startups to learn and develop. It is about creating the culture of being number one. Shared knowledge and team building activities help projects to be launched. Motivating active doers and connecting investors enables grandeur scale of impact and changes the world.


We have open 300m2+ co-working space for all entrepreneurial people located close to the city centre. The space is roughly carved, and it is a place for meaningful encounters and global attitude. We have an open area with a stage, kitchen, five thematic meeting rooms and a workshop space called Creativity Room.


The space has been open since September 2017. In half a year, by May 2018 we have hosted about 150 events, had more than 5000 visits and produced over 10 000 handshakes. We have a free desk policy. You can’t reserve a permanent desk spot, but you can get a 24/7 access to use the free spaces. Meeting rooms can be reserved throughout a simple Google calendar.


The diversity of the people has been incredible. People from universities, startups, mentors, investors and public sector all come together to create new things. In the autumn time we are planning to do short programs and team-ups to help people to find the partners and co-founders they need and take the first steps towards the entrepreneurial career.


The development of Tribe Tampere and P47 space have been faster than nobody could have been imagined. Tribe community has revolutionized the whole Tampere startup ecosystem, and will continue to do that in the future. For the next year we already have plans to move into a bigger space accommodating even more ecosystem players physically under the same roof.