Tribe Tampere is the support organization for entrepreneurial and startup players in the second biggest startup scene in Finland, Tampere startup city. It is made to stimulate collaboration and action between all the key ecosystem players.

Tribe is all about empowering people, we are stronger together! We want a clear path for startups to learn and develop. It is about creating the culture of being number one. Shared knowledge and team building activities help projects to be launched. Motivating active doers and connecting investors enables grandeur scale of impact and changes the world.


We have open 300m2+ co-working space for all entrepreneurial people located close to the city centre. The space is roughly carved, and it is a place for meaningful encounters and global attitude. We have an open area with a stage, kitchen, five thematic meeting rooms and a workshop space called Creativity Room.


The space has been open since September 2017. In half a year, by May 2018 we have hosted about 150 events, had more than 5000 visits and produced over 10 000 handshakes. We have a free desk policy. You can’t reserve a permanent desk spot, but you can get a 24/7 access to use the free spaces. Meeting rooms can be reserved throughout a simple Google calendar.


The diversity of the people has been incredible. People from universities, startups, mentors, investors and public sector all come together to create new things. In the autumn time we are planning to do short programs and team-ups to help people to find the partners and co-founders they need and take the first steps towards the entrepreneurial career.


The development of Tribe Tampere and P47 space have been faster than nobody could have been imagined. Tribe community has revolutionized the whole Tampere startup ecosystem, and will continue to do that in the future. For the next year we already have plans to move into a bigger space accommodating even more ecosystem players physically under the same roof.


For Startups

Tampereen startuptukiyhdistys (“The Foundation”) links startups, investors and corporate partners together and targets to increase and support the level of startup growth, innovation, competitiveness, investment, sponsorship and corporate collaboration to startup ecosystem. Primarily, the Foundation facilitates investor and startup networks, co-organizes events and provides consultancy and research services.

Besides, the Foundation fosters relationships with public and private companies, startup event organizers, incubators, accelerators, angel investors and VC’s, mentors and coaches and with media, talent management and international business organizations and other key stakeholders.

If you have a new bigger initiative regarding Tampere startup ecosystem, go to them.

Tommi Uitti tommiuitti@gmail.com, , +358402480522
Santeri Tuovila santeri.tuovila@gmail.com, +358504350526

It is a community built by Startups for Startups. It provides a platform for Startups to grow and collaborate with each other. We have office spaces in the heart of Tampere and we work together to help our members become global success stories.

If you are a startup and need an entry level, cheap, co-working space, go to them.


Markus Klöf  markus.klof@startuphub.fi, +358458776088

Mediapolis Accelerator is created for start up companies in the media field. Acceleration covers all aspects of content creation, delivery and consumption. It is meant for agile companies in digital media and media business related services, who aim for international market and rapid growth.

If you have a media startup and need for acceleration, go to them.


Timoteus Tuovinen timoteus@maccelerator.fi 

HealthHUB brings together health, wellbeing, health technology and research-oriented companies and talents, and provides an environment for the co-development of new ideas and innovations. The HUB premises are located on Kauppi campus, in the immediate vicinity of the university hospital. You will find eight hot-desk workstations and a versatile group workspace, well equipped with presentation technology.

If you are a Health staertup and need for networks, advice or co-working space, go to them.


Reijo Itkonen reijo.itkonen@finnmedi.com

Startup accelerator program for early stage startups to accelerate and advance their companies into better products and companies.

If you are a startup or have a startup idea, go to them.


Yulia Nesterenko yuliya.nesterenko@newfactory.fi,

Ohad Shevily ohad.shevily@newfactory.fi,

Stream Events Oy produces Tampere based startup event, concentrating on early stage startups, investors and especially team development. The program involves in workshops, keynotes, pitching and parties.

If you are a startup who is looking for investors or ways to handle your team bette, investor who is looking for quality startups, company who wants visibility in Tampere and contacts for startups. or a person who is looking for interesting volunteering opportunities, go to them.


Markus Klöf  markus.klof@startuphub.fi, +358458776088

Alexandra Santos alexandra@streamfestival.org , +358408243635

Digirockstars is a lean VC with a startup attitude,turn ideas into kickass startups, nordic style. #digirockstars is an investment company regulated by the Finnish Financial Authority.  We invest in the most promising cases, early on, when help is needed the most. Through our Accelerator we make sure your idea has been validated and give you the tools and framework to test traction and take your concept to the next level.

If you have an idea of a startup, or ou have an existing company who needs advice, investment or acceleration, go to them.


Samuli Argillander, samuli@digirockstars.com 


For startups and entrepreneurs

Crazy Town is a community for freelancers, solopreneurs, micro-sized companies and others, who want to go further together rather than alone.

If you have a company and need a professional working space with an encouraging community spirit, go to them.


Timo Lahti timo.lahti@crazytown.fi 

Kati Vasell kati.vasell@crazytown.fi 

Community of young professional entrepreneurs and entrepreneurially-minded students. They come from all walks and stages of business and function within the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät), Finland’s largest entrepreneurs’ organisation with over 105,000 member businesses.

They organise events both at regional and national level, the most notable being Young Entrepreneurs’ annual Get Together. In addition, they run the prestigious Young Entrepreneur of the Year contest, take part in entrepreneurship education in schools and spread the message of next-generation entrepreneurship to youth organisations and future leaders.

If you are an entrepreneur and need local networks and peer support, go to them.


Kimmo Pesola kimmo.pesola@pirkanmaanyrittajat.fi
Jarmo Hirvonen jarmo@jjjsolutions.fi 


For students and corporations

Demola is an international organization that facilitates co-creation projects between university students and companies, either locally or internationally.

If you are a company, and want to get new perspective to your projects and new skills to your employees,  or a student who wants to work on inspirational company challenges, go to them.


Jere Wessman jere@demola.net 
Jarmo Tuominiemi jarmo@demola.net 

Kampusareena is a hub of science, research and technology located at the heart of the campus of Tampere University of Technology (TUT) in Hervanta, Tampere. They are working with students and bigger corporations.

If you are a bigger corporation that needs an office place and integration to students, or a student who needs an integration to corporation, or just a person interested in VR, go to them.


Jaana Hänninen jaana.hanninen@sykoy.fi



Proakatemia in Tampere University of Applied Sciences is a community where students study entrepreneurship and team leadership. We also actively develop teamwork and leadership skills. During the studies, they carry out customer projects through which they gain experience and earn money for our team enterprises. Collaborative networks built during the studies ease access to working life.

If you are a person, who wants to go to school that is about entrepreneurship, team learning and passion, go to them.


Teemu Pinomaki pinomaki.teemu@gmail.com,+358405538781

Y-kampus is Tampere3’s entrepreneurship and innovation services. Operating at three separate campuses, Y-kampus brings together future entrepreneurs, research results, and talented professionals. The business and innovation community provides support and tools to realize your idea, develop your business, and make use of research results.

They offer entrepreneurial courses. If you are a student and interested in entrepreneurship, go to visit them.


Lassi Rinne lassi.rinne@tuni.fi

Satu Niemelä satu.niemela@tuni.fi

Tampere ES is a non-profit, student-led open community where diverse people can meet and create their personal network in real life.

If you are a student and want to organize a startup related event, go to them.


Caroliina Sievers caroliina.sievers@tampere.es

Ilia Fedorov ilia.fedorov@tampere.es


Other network

Trestart is a service concept provided by the City of Tampere for talented and experienced career seekers (not students) to meet companies from Tampere region to match up for new employment, innovation and business opportunities.

If you are a talent who wants to get to know how to commercialize your skills, go to them.


Petteri Valonkallio, petteri.valonkallio@tampere.fi

It started as a movement to inspire bright people and bright businesses to interact. The aim is to support Finland’s role as a global business player by discovering the potential of diversity for empowerment, growth and innovation. Twinkle Association is the operative arm of a movement which promotes the understanding of multiculturalism, co-creation and networking.

If you are an international person with will of helping international talents to grow,, go to them


Katja Haase katja.haase85@gmail.com,

Beatriz Arze bmarze08@gmail.com

Creativity Squads is a non-profit community that helps people to understand themselves better regarding human factors. We develop Creative Self-Leadership workbook and Self-Hack weekend concepts.

If you are interested in human factors, like fears, failures, empathy and trust and want to help people to achieve the right path in life, go to them


Vesa-Matti Ruottinen vesku@creativitysquads.com, +358408372696

Internationally oriented junior chamber based in Pirkanmaa area. We aim to offer our members opportunities for versatile and interesting learning experiences and project work. International by heart, they want to invite their members, local companies and community to join us in going forward and becoming truly global.

If you are an international person with a strong will of doing business related events, go to them.


Asen Velichkov assen.velichkov@gmail.com

Startup Afrofinns is a (Tampere based) project under the Afrofinns association. The association has dedicated itself to encouraging and supporting the Afro-Finnish community by celebrating their achievement, encouraging positive identity and more critically engaging in the space of business.

Startup Afrofinns was thus founded to address the entrepreneurship goal of the association. The aim is to encourage more members of the Afrofinns community to leverage their education, experience, talents, skills and networks to create businesses that encourage self-reliance through self-employment.

If you are an African who is living in Finland or other way around and you are interested in business in general, or fostering business between the countries (continents), go to them.


Regular JavaScript meetup in Tampere for hackers, developers, sysadmins, students and anyone else interested in JS.

If you want to develop your JavaScript skills, go to them,.


Web Dev & Sausages is based in #Tampere, Finland and organized for those interested in #web-based technologies and #programming in various languages or just hungry for sausages. Professionals, students, and hobbyists are welcome. Our mission is to create memorable, #high-quality events with diverse speakers. Our events include contests, #hackathons, games, music and whatever else we can dream up.

If you want to develop your web-development skills, go to them.


Tampere Hacklab is a community-based workshop that anyone can join as a member. Hacklab provides workspaces and tools for all kinds of building, repairing, and restoring things. If you do not know something, hacklab is a good place to learn new skills either independently or through our courses. You are interested in jewelery making, welding or programming – everything is successful with hacklab. Only your own imagination is a limit.

If you want to build concrete prototypes etc, go to them.


The Hub connect great startups with talent, investors, events and best practice tools. It’s part of the Helsinki startup ecosystem.


Start North is a real-life sandbox where students, companies, NGOs, universities and cities co-create meaningful things and learn from each other. We are a youth based community and an education platform that aims to offer the youth advanced learning with “Impact education” way of thinking. The main objective of our events and programs is to spread innovative and “out of the box” way of thinking.


Arctic15 is the most exciting and effective startup matchmaking event in the Nordics. Our goal of the event is to make sure you get quality networking, build meaningful connections and receive a real return on investment. The right size, the right people and a focus on networking.




City of Tampere is becoming one of the key players in the startup scene in Nordics.


Timo Antikainen, timo.antikainen@tampere.fi 

Business Tampere, the Tampere region economic development agency, promotes investments, attracts talents and creates the best environment for business in the region. We operate within the Tampere city region economic development programme and offer you our expertise on fields of renewing industry, smart city solutions as well as experience economy.

Tommi Uitti, tommi.uitti@businesstampere.fi , +358402480522

Finland´s Regional Councils are statutory joint municipal authorities operating according to the principles of local self-government. The Councils operate as regional development and regional planning authorities. The Councils act as centres of development for the regions. They also pursue the interests of the region, its municipalities, inhabitants and businesses and carry out research, planning and analyses. In startup scene, the Council of Tampere Region is organizing the very first startup Alliance that is happening in Tampere.


Taina Ketola, taina.ketola@pirkanmaa.fi

The University of Tampere (UTA) is a culturally-committed higher education institution with the social mission of educating visionaries who understand the world and change it. With its six faculties and some 15,000 degree students, UTA is one of the largest and most popular universities in Finland.


We foster the well-being of people and the environment through research and education. We develop technologies that reshape the competitive landscape of Finnish industry. We are committed to internationalization. We promote openness of science and research. Tampere University of Technology is at the leading edge of technological development and a sought-after collaboration partner among the scientific and business communities. The University produces skilful graduates to serve the needs of society


Tampere University of Applied Sciences is a higher education institution oriented towards working life and RDI co-operation. Our strengths are multidisciplinary education, creativity, and a strong international dimension.