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About Tribe

For people on their startup journey, who are looking for the right connections and support to take them to the next level.

For driven individuals who want to get to know the startup community, and have a bucket full of awesome ideas, ready start executing them.

For organisations that support startups and entrepreneurs, and want to start collaborating with other organisations

No. Tribe is for everyone, no matter where you are from.

No. Tribe is absolutely welcoming everyone, no matter your age.

We have a lot of activities that anyone can join! But if you want to get involved on a bit of a deeper level, here a few suggestions:

Driven individuals and people on their startup journey can join us through Tribe Fellowship program. It is the fastest way for people who are interested to get involved and develop their networks and skills. As a Tribe Fellow you will have the opportunity to take on leading roles in the projects and events organised by the Tribe and their partners. You will also have access to early stage mentoring and a network of driven talents as well as startup professionals. If you want to take on an even a bit bigger role in day to day operations, you can also contact us to become a Tribe intern!

For entrepreneurial communities we organize regular round table meetings, where we come together, share updates and come up with new initiatives to make the startup community thrive! Your organisation can become our Community Partner to get invitation to round table meetings, and maintain regular communication and collaboration with us!

Tribe uses English as the main working language, so everyone can understand what is going on. And in case you need help with understanding English, many of us speak two three or more languages. 

Tribe is a non-profit association (RY) and it’s mostly funded by public funds (City of Tampere). We are also building partnerships with other organizations for different projects, so if you are interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch.

Tribe has part-time employees as Community Leads carrying out more official responsibilities. In addition, we have volunteers, interns, and simply active community members making sure everything works smoothly. See more info on our About page.

Anything startup and entrepreneurial related our community comes up with! Best way to stay in the loop is follow our social media, and our event page, join our Slack and subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

INCLUSIVENESS: We don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or what you did!

TEAM SPIRIT: Take responsibility and trust others!

TAKE ACTION: Just test it!

GROWTH MINDSET: Take the extra step!

About the space

We are located on the 5th floor of Platform6 Startup House in Tampere. The address is Åkerlundinkatu 8.

Platform6 is a Startup House in Tampere. It opened in October 2020 and is The home for early stage startups with high growth potential and global ambition. Platform6 offers affordable office spaces with community, services, networking, and more for its residents and members.

Platform6 is the building and a brand accommodating startups, organisations helping startups and service providers for startups. Platform6 also offers services, discounts, and membership benefits to help the startups grow.

Tribe Tampere ry is the community operator of Platform6. Meaning that Tribe is responsible for helping the community of the house be active, engaged, open, and collaborative. In Platform6 Tribe Tampere manages the 5th floor event and community space, making sure the residents and members have a place to hang out, mingle, attend events and activities, get coffee and have lunch.

Not. Tribe acts as a forum for new ideas to develop the startup ecosystem in Tampere and operates as a gateway for newcomers into the ecosystem. For this purpose there is the Tribe Fellowship program helping you to join the startup scene at Platform6.

Tribe also operates to develop the whole startup ecosystem in Tampere. Our mission is to unite the actors inside the startup ecosystem. And for that purpose, we have regular Tribe roundtable meetings where we seek to gather together all the local entrepreneurial communities. If you organisation wants to join, look over here

Platform6 has a designated community operator (Tribe Tampere ry, that’s us) to keep the community active and engaged! But that’s not all. Platform6 is solely focused on helping early stage startups. Startups need a lot more than just an office and fast internet. They need a home offering everything the teams need in order to quickly scale and grow their business. Platform6 is an environment that supports all stages from ideation to international expansion. Platform6 facilitates access to investment/funding, mentors, strategic partners, top talent and potential customers.

The 5th floor is open to visitors Mon-Fri 9-17. Outside of those hours, everyone who has a key to the building can access; mainly Platform6 members and active Tribe community Fellows. We also have open events on the 5th floor, and when we do, everyone is of course welcome!

Have coffee, warm up your lunch, chat with people, use our hot desk working area, use our Framery booths for calls, use our meeting room for meetings, come to our events, arrange entrepreneurial events, play board games, play video games, read at our Tribrary (funny name for Tribe Library), and what else, hmm. We also have tea.

1st floor of Platform6 is an open space anyone can access Mon-Fri 9-17.

2nd floor of Platform6 is reserved for pre-startup teams, startups and service providers. The floor has hot desks and fixed desks for startups to rent, and it also has an incubation area called The Dock for pre-startup teams.

3rd and 4th floor have private offices and meeting rooms for resident startups.

Any of us! Get to know our team on our about page. You can also give us feedback via our feedback form.