Is P47 space open for everyone?

Yes, it’s open 10 am – 6 pm. You can come and work there. Make yourself home.

Can I use your kitchen?

Yes. Coffee/tea is free and you can take anything (that doesn’t have a personal label) from the fridge. If there is no coffee, just make more.

How can I book a room at P47?

Contact: caretaker@tribetampere.com, send details about your needs (how many people are coming, and what is the purpose in one sentence). If the room is empty you can just use it. However, respect the ones who have made reservations.

What facilities can I use at P47?

You can use any area that is not reserved.

Do I need to pay to use the room’s and the stage at P47?

It depends on the event. If the event relates to entrepreneurship, startups, networking or skill development, and it’s a free event and open for everyone, you don’t have to pay, per se. Every time it’s a case by case decision, though

How many people can fit on the stage area?

60 people is okay, and everybody gets seated. But we have had much larger events, too.

Does P47 has a printer? Can I use it?

Yes, we have a printer. You can use it (to a certain extend).

Does Tribe Tampere support events?

If you have a pretty good idea that supports the entrepreneurial and startup scene in Tampere or otherwise empowers people, we are certainly up for discussing about the possible support.  At least we can offers the space. Also, some cathering support is possible. If money is needed, apply here: Application for covering costs

Does Trobe Tampere support my travels, accommodation or anything else related to development of Tampere startup ecosystem?

It’s possible to get support, if you are willing to share your findings later on. Apply here: Application for covering costs

What size of room does Tribe have?

Check the P47 page.

Can I organize an event later than 6pm or earlier than 10am (P47s opening time)?

Yes. Actually many of our events are during the evening times. Also, weekends are possible. We have hosted several hackathons, for instance.

How can I contribute or give back to Tribe Tampere (when I have free time)?

You can host our P47 space 4 pm – 6 pm some day, or just throw trash out, empty the dishwasher, make coffee etc. You can also use your skills to develop the space or the community. Any help is welcome. Even just talking to your friends and help to spread the word of use is cool.

Here are the hosting guidelines 

Who should I contact if I want to pitch about my idea?

You can just visit our weekly Afterworks on Thursdays at 5 pm ->

Or just send a message to caretaker@tribetampere.com

Vesku (the current Community Caretaker)  is happy to meet you.