Most frequent questions and answers

Tampere finally has its own startup house and it is called Platform 6! Yes! It’s happening! Tribe is serving serve as the community operator in the house. 

Platform6 is a house of collaboration for the whole startup community in the Tampere region. There are five floors upon the ground and two under it totalling 5000 square meters 

House is just next to Tullintori on the railroad and university side at Åkerlundinkatu 8.

5th floor – Tribe Tampere manages the 5th floor for startup community operations. Fifth is a high quality community lounge during the day and an event venue for house residents and members by night. 

Tribe Tampere has a Fellowship program, which entitles to an open access to use the 5th floor. Other than Tribe Fellowship or membership of the house, the floor is accessible for visiting by joining an open event organized in the place or an invitation from a member of the place.

3rd and 4th floor – Tampere Startup Hub oy is the responsible operator for renting space for startup companies in Platform6’ 3rd and 4th floors. 

The office coworking place here is accessible to startup companies who can apply for the place at platform6.fi/membership

The 2nd floor is used by startup incubator programs and other service providers for entrepreneurs and is operated by the city of Tampere

The 2nd floor is open for all the members of the incubators, and other programs or services hosted in the floor.

The first floor is a completely open area for curious people to walk in and experience startup life. The floor is for everybody who is interested in entrepreneurship and want to come to talk, work, check the activities or host their own activities on the floor.

Steering group of Platform6 will lead the development and agree on the guidelines of the houses usage.

It is headed by the city of Tampere and also includes Business Tampere, Tampere Startup Hub and Tribe Tampere to enhance the collaboration and coordinate the actions.

On behalf on Tribe Tampere we have ability to propose areas and initiatives of ecosystem and community level collaboration.