Startup networking tips

There’s no need to hit a brick wall! We are here to help you to network with some proved and useful tips!

Networks are for startups as important as water is for plants; without networks you simply will not survive. May you find the tips refreshing and be able to put them into action straight away.

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You need to establish some sort of a connection or a relationship before you run towards a person asking for favors. Don’t assume that people will help you without expecting nothing in return. You have to show them that you are willing to return the favor now or in the future. 

When networking/connecting with new people it is important to remember that the point of networks is not to only help you in a professional way. The point is to establish some form of a relationship with them and show that you are interested in them and ready to help them as well. 

It is super important that you treat your networks with respect, care and understanding. 

Sometimes your giving can be a smile to brighten the day or a moment to listen without interrupting while sipping coffee together. Get creative! Give and you’ll see you’ll get even from the act of giving. Be the person you want to network with.

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These Startup Networking tips have been put together in by Tribe Tampere marketing intern Leila Ali with the support of Marketing Lead Mirella Mellonmaa and marketing intern Farzaneh Esmaeili during the Autumn of 2021.