Your own project initiative

If you didn’t find any position that interests you, no worries. Here you can describe your own position / project idea.

We are looking for bold projects related to startups and entrepreneurship and the mindset around it. So, it can be also something that inspires people to adapt the mindset that startups have, it doesn’t have to be something directly for the startups. But of course we love the projects which could directly help the local startup scene.

Your idea can be an event, a crazy marketing campaign, an accelerator program, a journey around Finland, trip to another country or continent etc. Maybe something that is missing in Tampere in your mind. It can be big or small (but of course we encourage you to think big 😀 )

Application deadline is already gone but you can still sent us mail. We take good people in all the time. 

Apply to any position by sending an email to Attach your CV and some motivation words that you feel applicable. Tell about your passion toward the position and how well you know about Tampere startup ecosystem and Tribe’s actions.