Uusi Kasvu

Variety of different kind of skills are needed in order to succeed in the future labour market. According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report employees of the future need self-management, flexibility and active learning skills to thrive!

In Tribe Tampere we are responding to this need with a recently started program; Uusi Kasvu, funded by European social fund. It will be orchestrated together with the city of Tampere, vocational college Tredu and entrepreneur service center Ensimetri. 

Self-leadership skills and life-long learning are in the core of our activities! We are looking to meet passionate program managers to join the tribe to get an insider view of new employment opportunities! Tribe is all about learning, team spirit and taking action. Our job is to help you to get started and find your people!

At the moment we are looking for service providers and participants to dream job mentorship and self-leadership programs. Feel free to contact us to join the team! 

How to help job seekers who are looking for their first job in a new industry. Community of practice meetup by ESR – Networks Behind New Growth project

This digestion is meant for people interested in becoming professional in the field, network together and bring out new knowledge. Therefore fully understanding the digestion needs some pre-understanding of the topic of interest and the ecosystem in Tampere region. The document is meant to help anyone interested in joining our community of practice to join to the conversation and action!

Nina Erkkilä


I work as a project coordinator in the Uusi Kasvu project, enabling job-seekers to find their hidden self-leadership skills to succeed in their future career path! You can contact me with anything related to career coaching and networking.