TribeX is a series of events organized by Tribe Tampere that offers practical and valuable content to its entrepreneurial community.

We want to strengthen Tampere’s startup community by exchanging key learnings.


TribeX event will be launched as Online Series on April 1st 2020


Pre-Event for the Startup World Cup Finland

This is the Fifth series of TribeX, and we are back as official pre-event of Silicon Vikings – Startup World Cup Finland, 2020. 

Startup 2020 – The new decade, new learning!

A decade back startup was quite rare but now when you look beyond the 20’s they are the mainstream. As you were reading 40 new startups are created globally. What differentiates a startup and a successful startup?

Come and hear at TribeX, Startup 2020: the new decade, the new learning from the experienced in the entrepreneurial community.

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Will be released at 5 pm every day from Wednesday 1.4.2020 until the Saturday 4.4.2020.

Check it on Tribe Tampere Youtube channel.

Check out the Speakers list for info on the Episodes.


Kelly Keodara

Marketing Communications and Event

“Event Host”

Tommi Rasila

Partner of Boardman Oy, Serial Entrepreneur and board professional

“Courage and Crisis Managemnet”

Ilkka Kaikuvuo


CEO Varaani Works, Co-founder Framery & Surveypal.

Tommi Uitti

Startup Community Manager and Startup Mentor, Startup School, Business Finalnd

“Moving forward in the current Corona situation? Its impact on startup ecosystems”

Mari Jokiranta

Business Psychologist at Vincit, Co-Founder at Profounder

“Resilience as a Start-Up Superpower”

Kasper Suomalainen

Innvestemnet Manager, SuperHero Capital, Venture Capital

“COVID-19: how it affect on startups?”

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