Tampere region startups

3dstep oy

3d gogo oy

5 More Minutes Oy Ltd.

Agendium Oy

Agiler Oy

Aeonic Entertaiment oy

AppKing Oy

Applicado Oy

Arctic Studios Oy

Archanyme oy

Avalosys Oy

Bamomas Intelligence oy/Battery intelligence oy

BearIT Oy

bf+ energia oy


BioMensio Oy

Bithouse Oy

Bizfit oy


Braincare Oy

Brighterwave Oy

Buildlink Oy

Catland Oy

Celkee Oy

Chainfrog Oy

Cleaner Future Oy

ColloidTek oy

Combinostics Oy

Combinostics Oy

Cometa Solutions Oy

CoreHW Oy

Crosshill Oy

Cuppla Technology Oy

CySec Ice Wall Oy

Dealscope oy

Delta Cygni Labs Oy

Dexmen oy

Diory Oy

Dreamloop Games Oy

EcLa Water Finland Oy

Epic Invoicing Oy

Evergreen Farm Oy

Evolta Oy

Exafore Oy

Eximap Oy

FFP Systems Oy


Firefell oy

Fluidit Oy

Fly Partners oy

Fokua Oy


Forecon Oy

Freebike Group Oy

Fune Trainer Oy

Furdangers Oy

Futuriot Oy

Gidetec Oy

Grundium Oy

Gumifa Group Oy

Headsted Oy

Healthfactory Oy, Syke Tribe

Helmee Imaging Oy

HighRoller Suomi Oy

Hilla Entertainment oy

Hologram Monster oy


Hölkkä SBS Oy


Innovator Network Oy

Intelligentpipe Oy

Integrio oy

ITfox Oy

Jalonne Oy

Kaikakui ou

Kemion Oy

Kineso Oy

Kopla Games Oy

Kortomer.com oy

LAKKA Technologies Oy

Lean Entries Oy

Lenio Oy

LivingSkills Oy

Love Arctic oy

MelloVR Oy

Meluta Oy

Metsän Woima oy

Mindfindr Oy

MORE Automation Oy

MOST Digital Oy

Multisense Oy

Neuro Event Labs Oy

NeonSpark Oy

Newspek Oy

Nonono.io Oy

NurseBuddy /Loikka Design Oy

Olfactomics Oy

OM-Finland Oy

Omnichannel Retail Services Oy

One Down oy

Onnisys oy

Osaamisbotti oy

Oy Globeon Ltd

Panic Art Studios Oy

Pianorobot Oy

Pixactor Oy

Polar Partners oy


Prezella Oy

ProSports jobs oy

RAKKA Creative Oy

Realest3D Oy


Red stage entertainment oy

Ridea scout oy

RidenRent Oy

Ringside Mediacorp Oy

Rockrobot Oy

Roigrow Oy

Sagaboost Oy

Salaatike Oy

Sensotrend Oy

Sinun software oy

SkillzzUp Oy

Skydome Entertaiment oy

Sky High VR Oy

Smooth Team oy

Solarigo Systems Oy

Sport Venue Oy

Sportyfly Oy

Spotless Tea Bag Ltd

Stealth Case Oy

Stress Measurement Company Oy

Study Advisor Finland Oy

Tamico Oy

Tekno-Ants Oy

Thermo Power Finland Oy

Think Tone Oy

Toriverkosto Oy

Trackinno Oy

Trainesense Oy

Treko Oy

Treon Oy

Trendion Oy


Ultimate Ai /Culinar Oy

UnSeen Technologies Oy

Valaa Technologies Oy

Valtavia Oy

Veldo Oy

Vexlum oy

Vigofere Oy

Visumo oy

Voltio Oy

Wellness Warehouse Engine Oy

X Automaatio Oy

Zen-Me Labs Oy

Based on Tampere region startup research 5.7.2018 conducted by Santeri Tuovila and Dani Warnicki. The list consists of companies founded in year 2013 or later.

If you think your startup company (according to startup research criteria) is missing from this list and want your startup company to be added on this list: send email to with your startup company logo and value proposal to carataker@tribetampere.com