Here are some Tampere based startups. We know that you can argue, if some company is a startup or not, but just deal with it!

This list is put together in collaboration with Business Tampere. Their list can be found from Business Tampere website

NameField of operationFoundedWebsite
3Dstep OyIndustry – prototyping,
Battery Intelligence Oy / BamomasMobility & Logistics – battery
bf+ energia OyIndystry – compressed air made energy efficient,
Carwist OyMobility & Logistics, Data analytics & AI – automotive, car maintenance, selling, buying, open
CoreHW OyIndustry – world class RF IC turnkey solutions, IP, and design services, semiconductors,
Delta Cygni Labs OyIndustry, Mobile Technologies, Cloud & IOT –
Dexmen OyIndustry – electronic guiding, LEDs
eeedo OyMobile Machinery – industry,
Evolta OyMobile Machinery – construction, law, contracts to build
Exafore OyMobile Technologies – location, indoor location, sensors, wireless
Eximap Oy / AutomopusMobility & Logistics – app, software house, transportation, trafic,
Fluidit OyIndustry, Software Services, Mobility & Logistics – automation, industry,
Forecon OyMobile Machinery, Data analytics & AI – construction, marketing, data analytics, business, forecasting information,
Integrio OyMobile Machinery, Data analytics & AI – construction, real estate data
Jalonne OyMobile Machinery – road maintenance, construction, transportation,
Kemion OyMobile Machinery – chemical cleantech, industry,
Metsän Woima OyCircular Economy & Cleantech – biotech, circular economy, energy,
MORE Automation OyMobile Machinery – CNC machine, maintenance,
Prenta OyIndustry – 3D printers, manufacturing,
Protieto FI Oy / m-ReportingMobility & Logistics – logistic, transportation, automotive, API,
Radientum OyIndustry – antenna simulation, design and integration,  testing and consultancy
Rockrobot OyMobile Machinery – construction, industry, developing and selling technically advanced drilling robots for companies working on rock excavation and renovation
Sky High VR OyIndustry, VR/AR – industry, VR,
Solarigo Systems OyCircular Economy & Cleantech – energy, solar energy, power
StealthCase OyMobility & Logistics, Industry – location, infrastucture, industry, wireless
Stress Measurement Company OyIndustry – industry, rock stress measurements,
Tammela Robotics OyMobility & Logistics, Data analytics & AI – robotics, automotive, AI, software, varehouse, cleaning, autonomous
Team Action Zone OyMobile Technologies – mobile solutions for location-­based
Tekno-Ants OyMobility & Logistics – to optimize logistic processes easily and
Treon OyIndustry, Data analytics & AI – industry, product development services for consumer electronic
Unikie OyMobility & Logistics, Data analytics & AI – automotive, AI,
Veldo OyIndustry – precision laser
X Automaatio OyMobile Machinery – automation,
Name Field Founded Website
Applicado Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – health 2015
Archanyme Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – health 2017
Arctic Biomaterials Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – materials, plastic, health, tech, biodegradable plastic solutions 2014
Biomendex Oy / BioMenders / Adaptos Health Tech & Wellbeing – adaptive bone graft substitute, healf 2018
Braincare Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – health 2013
Grundium Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – medi tech, healtch 2015
Healthfactory Oy / Syke Tribe Sports, Health Tech & Wellbeing – sports, coaching app 2014
Huoleti Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – healthcare, app 2017
IISI Up Oy / Health Tech & Wellbeing – sport, health, massage app 2015
Injeq Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – health, smartest needle around 2010
Kaikakui Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing, Data analytics & AI – health, data analytics, app to buy more stock to things 2017
Kineso Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – physiotherapy, 3D physiotherapy app, web 2014
Lean Entries Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing, Data analytics & AI – meditech, health, data analytics, medical device qualification and classification 2017
Loikka Design Oy / NurseBuddy Data analytics & AI – data management, healthcare, We help your home care company to be successful 2012
Medified Solutions Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – health, healthcare, patient treatment 2019
MelloVR Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – health, healthcare, VR, travelling 2018
Meluta Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – acoustic solutions, sensors, Signal processing, Health, industry. music. 2015
Memocate Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – aid for dementia 2017
Neuro Event Labs Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing, Data analytics & AI – AI, data analytics, healthcare, health, epilepsy 2015
Olfactomics Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – health, surgery to a new level 2015
Runteq Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – products and applications for sports and wellness monitoring 2012
Sensotrend Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – health, diabetes 2014
Sinun Software Oy Health Tech & Wellbeing – wellbeing, health, app, dating 2015
NameField of OperationFoundedWebsite
Agendium OyGaming – work
Aitoo Health OyGaming, Health Tech & Wellbeing – health,
Arctic Studios OyDesign, creative & media – music2015 
Beiz Oy / LolapandaGaming – games, asian
Bon Games OyGaming –
Brighterwave OyDesign, creative & media – novel augmented reality eyewear to consumers and professionals. VR/AR.
Catland OyGaming – games,
Citynomadi OyGaming – sports, city, transportation, games.
Colossal Order OyGaming –
Dreamloop Games OyGaming –
Eligo Studio OyDesign, creative & media – marketing,
Filmloop OyDesign, creative & media – media, film
Firefell OyGaming –
Furdangers OyDesign, creative & media – media, TV
Greener Grass OyGaming – games, mobile development
Hilla Entertainment OyGaming, Design, creative & media – entertainments, sports, games,
Hologram Monster OyGaming –
Keho Interactive OyDesign, creative & media –
Kopla Games OyGaming –
Multisense OyGaming, Design, creative & media – media, physical games, human-technology interaction research and practice that create unique
Newspek OyDesign, creative & media – media, news,
Oogway Solutions OyGaming –
Osumia Games OyGaming –
Panic Art Studios OyGaming –
Portaalin Pojat OyGaming –2018 
RAKKA Creative OyDesign, creative & media – media, VR, 360 degree videos, Finland’s Leading 360VR-video Production
Random Potion OyGaming –
Red Stage Entertainment OyGaming, Design, creative & media – media, games, film, TV, VFX, animation & game
Ringside Mediacorp OyDesign, creative & media – media,
Skydome Entertainment OyGaming –
Smokemore OyGaming – games2018 
Traplight OyGaming –
Tuotantoyhtiö Tuokio OyGaming –
Tussitaikurit OyDesign, creative & media – drawings / graphic
Name Field of Operation Founded Website
Aiso Oy Software Services – AI & Software consulting 2018
APInf Oy Software, Services, Cloud & IOT – open API management platform 2017
AppKing Oy Software Services 2015
AppSnow Oy Software Services – software 2017
Cometa Solutions Oy Software Services – digital platforms 2013
Crosshill Oy Software Services, Data analytics & AI – securing embedded systems, attack testing, security 2014
Diory Oy Software Services – Software House 2013
Epic Invoicing Oy Software Services – software house, buiness,invoicing 2013
Fokua Oy / Aarium Software Services – multi-vendor web-shop 2014
Futuriot Oy Software Services, Data analytics & AI, Cloud & IOT – software house, data analytics, Smart analytics and software for better business 2016
ITfox Oy Software Services, Data analytics & AI – software house, PLM data management 2018
LAKKA Technologies Oy Sports, Industry, Mobile Technologies – wearables, sports, sencors, thin-film sensor 2016
MOST Digital Oy Software Services, Data analytics & AI – software house, data analytics, business, robotics, HR, coaching 2016
Onnisys Oy Software Services – software house, servers, security, maintenance, industry 2013
Oy Globeon Ltd Software Services – software house, web stores, houses, mobile technology, city planning. renting equipments 2016
Realest3 Oy Real estate, Software services – real estate brokering, 3D presentations 2018
The Rudolf Software Services – smart sales channel tool 2017
Think Tone Oy Software Services 2014
UnSeen Technologies Oy Software Services 2015
Witview Oy Software Services – wed plugin, marketing, automation, searches automatically for consumer ratings and expert reviews of the products all around the internet and shows the compiled information to customers directly within your online store 2018
Voltio Oy Software Services – software house 2015
Zealbots Oy Software 2018
NameField of OperationFoundedWebsite
5 More Minutes Oy Ltd / TeacherGamingEdtech –
Cuppla Technology OyEdtech, Health Tech & Wellbeing – software, data management, education,
Edunation Oy / Study Advisor Finland OyEdtech – university degree
Fune Trainer Oy / Propaganda FinlandEdtech – web courses, education, digital learning environment2016 
LivingSkills OyEdtech – education, app, skills,
One Down OyEdtech – education, app, helping employees to read more.
Osaamisbotti OyEdtech – education, app, coaching, HR, career
Pianorobot OyEdtech – education, music, app,
Polar Partners OyEdtech – education, coaching, construction, city planning We Help You to Design the World’s Best K-12
SkillzzUp OyEdtech – education, app, learning, SkillzzUp is a fast and easy to use software to assess and follow individual skill development in real time at any educational
Smoothteam OyEdtech – games, education, coaching, team, gamified team development
Treko OyEdtech – safety, security welbeing, education,
Trelic OyEdtech – materials, testing, data, courses, education, environmental reliability
Trinno OyEdtech – e-tainings, industry, education,
Valaa Technologies OyEdtech – software, platform, education, programming, software house. API’
Visumo Oy / VisuonEdtech, Design, creative & media – education, media, 360 degree education environments for
NameField of OperationFoundedWebsite
Agiler OyCloud & IOT –
AJR Solutions OyCloud & IOT – cloud
AnniTech OyServices – project and process development servies, interim
Avalosys OyFintech – payment
Bizfit OySoftware Services, Edtech – app. business,
Celkee OyData analytics & AI – data management, business, coaching, web. Hiljainen tieto johtajille
Chainfrog OyBlockchain –
CloudOnMove OyCloud & IOT – cloud migrations, datat
ColloidTek OyCloud & IOT – bioTech, liquid
Combinostics OyCloud & IOT, Health Tech & Wellbeing – cloud, health, brain
Culinar Oy / Ultimate AIData analytics & AI, Industry –
CySec Ice Wall OyData analytics & AI – data safety, data management,
Deltabit OyBioTech, Health Tech & Wellbeing – biometric
Evergreen Farm OyFood – farming,
FFP Systems OyData analytics & AI – data management, resource management, investing,
Fly Partners OyServices – marketing, sales,
Forciot OyMaterials, Fashion – measurement, materials science, clothing, industry, sports,
Genevia Technologies OyData analytics & AI – bioinformatics, data analysis, helping
Gidetec OyMaterials – material
Headsted OyServices –
Helmee Imaging OyData analytics & AI – sensors, material tech, quality
HighRoller Suomi OySports – sports, equipment,
Hölkkä SBS OySports – sports,
Innovator Campus OyServices – export, company
Innovator Network Oy / InnoverServices – industry, CE-marks
Intelligentpipe OyData analytics & AI – big data SW company serving telecommunications industry,
Lenio OyData analytics & AI – construction, data management,
Mealbox.Suomi OyFood2018 
Mindfindr OyData analytics & AI – coaching, data analysis. psychological assessment service for personnel selection, career planning and organisational OyData analytics & AI, Software Services – customer service over complaints on product and service
Omnichannel Retail Services Oy / RekkiFashion – clothes, retail,
Pixactor Oy / BuildieData analytics & AI – construction, data management,
Prezella OyFinTech – fintech, white label solutions for payment
ProSportJob OySports, Mobile Technologies – sports, app, recruiting,
QMClouds OyCloud & IOT – industry, quality management, data-analyticts, data management, cloud based mobile tool for Quality Management and deviation
Realin OyData analytics & AI – industry, sensor data, real
ReceiptHero OyFinTech, Data analytics & AI – fintech. receipts, app, delivering receipts automatically from merchants to your banking and accounting
Recon AI OyData analytics & AI –
Remion OyCloud & IOT – industry, IOT, Industy internet, data analytics, AI, service design, consulting security,
Revonte OyData analytics & AI – logistics, e-bikes, data
Rideascout Oy / IdeaScoutServices –
Sagaboost OyData analytics & AI – IT, enabling digital transformation for its clients by data and human
Salaatike Foods OyFood – food2017 
Sport Venue OyData analytics & AI – sports, data-analytics. business information management method and an aiding analytics tool which aim to develop the profitability of sports
Sportyfly Oy / SportyplannerSports, Services – sports, excersise
Spotless Tea Bag Ltdfood – food, physical product,
Toriverkosto OyCircular Economy & Cleantech – circular economy, re-sell, web
Trackinno OyCloud & IOT – industry, construction, IOT, Asset and maintenance management
Trainesense OyData analytics &
Valtavia OyData analytics & AI – industry, airports, data analytics. aviation industry by developing innovative data analysis and automation solutions to Airlines, Air Navigation Service Providers and Airport
Wellness Warehouse Engine OyData analytics & AI – data integration, API, wellness, harmonised wellness data from
Vexlum OyData analytics & AI, Software Services – lasers, industry,
Vigofere Oy / MoodmetricData analytics & AI – hardware, rings, wellbeing, data analytics,
Voconaut OyHealth Tech & Wellbeing, Data analytics & AI –
Zen-Me Labs OyData analytics & AI – sensors, aircraft,