Tribe services

We are creating, supporting and enabling valuable services for startups, entrepreneur-minded individuals, and entrepreneurial communities. We run our operations mainly on the 5th floor of Platform6 startup house.

Event space of Platform6

We support and enable the organising of community events for the Platform6 house residents and members, Tribe Fellows, and startup ecosystem players.
Learn more about our recurring community events and see all the events on our events page.

We also manage the bookings of the Platform6 5th floor event space. If you want to organise an entrepreneur related event in the 5th floor of Platform6, please contact our Community Lead


Tribe offers various free of charge mentoring services for both startups and mentors. 

We offer open public mentoring sessions for incorporated start-ups in the Tampere Region. 

In our mentor to mentor events mentors get to share their knowledge, questions, and ideas about startup mentoring. 

We also provide very early stage mentoring for Tribe Fellow through Tribe Fellowship.

You can find our upcoming mentoring events on our website’s events page (tagged with the “mentoring” category), and also on our Facebook events page.