Pop-up info desk

The City of Tampere is promoting services and encouraging international background entrepreneurs in their business activity by organizing POP-UP INFO DESK.


A survey-based study by the City of Tampere Employment and Growth Services and Federation of Finnish Enterprises (see below) shows that many foreign entrepreneurs consider hard running a company in Finland. 

Managing taxes, searching for funding, understanding the Finnish business culture and finding reliable information are the most common difficulties identified by entrepreneurs.

 At the Pop-up info desk you can receive advice, guidance or get practical help on business matters.

Come by to share your thoughts or great idea with us! We want to hear from you!

NOTE! No appointment needed!

Pop-up info desk is going to remote-service. Don’t hesitate to reach out to ramona.bilmez@tampere.fi or call 040 685 9853

Business Mentoring Program 

 Are you an entrepreneur in Tampere and you are in need of advice and guidance on your business case?
In case you answered yes, this individual business mentoring program is just for you… 

Mentoring provides advises to overcome obstacles in running a business. During mentoring period each entrepreneur receives needed guidance from local experienced business mentor and university student. Business mentor (senior mentor) shares his/her experience and junior mentor (university student) brings new, fresh ideas and practical approach to your business case.  Content and objectives are tailored according to entrepreneur’s needs. Service is free of charge. 

Apply for the mentoring program already now! Application is open throughout the whole year. The program is organized twice a year: new round starts in June and November. 

Find more information and application form here

Entrepreneurial Service Path Guide

by the City of Tampere Entrepreneurship and Growth Services

Short guide to Tampere business ecosystem. The guide includes information about business tools and organizations, where you can find experts to talk to, information on business training and events as well as other useful links.

Tampere Startup Kit is aimed at international startup teams who are considering to move their startup to Tampere and international talents who are already residing in Tampere and interested in creating their startups.

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 A concept of series of gatherings, events and workshops related to entrepreneurial food field

The concept provides immigrant entrepreneurs wanting to start a business in Finland with relevant information and tools. The initial focus is food business, however performers and craft makers are also welcome to join. 

Activity includes writing a business plan, dealing with Finnish regulations, planning your business, tips from successful business owners, marketing and sales consultation and much more. The approach is friendly while professional.




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Cultural Business Training on social media:

FB: culturalbusinesstraining

IG: cultural_business_training

WEB: https://cbttampere.com/ 

Guide book of the CBT sessions for those curious of starting their own business in available and ready for download.

Foreign background entrepreneurship 

survey-based study

Capital region, Pirkanmaa and Finland Proper regions, November 2018.

Starting a new business is relatively easy, but people need help in running it. Those are the findings of a survey-based study conducted among immigrant entrepreneurs in November 2018 in the capital region, Pirkanmaa and Finland Proper (southwest Finland). The survey results indicate that immigrant entrepreneurs have trust in the future and are extremely eager to grow.