New Growth

Do you have a project around your passion or profession that needs funding ?

Do you want to develop yourself professionally or get support in your career path?

New Growth program can help you with funding or to buy services you need to take things to the next level!

Is New Growth for you?

  • Yes if you are a group of people with a joint passion or interest, or planning to establish one
  • Yes if you are located in Pirkanmaa
  • Yes if you speak English and/or Finnish
  • Yes if you have a dream of earning your living by doing what you love
  • Yes if you are committed in developing yourself professionally and have a strong will to take things forward
  • No if you are alone and want to stay alone
  • No if you are an established company
  • No if you are located outside Pirkanmaa

For example, you have a group people who love doing different sorts of animations in your free time. You want to become better at making animations, and some of you want to become professional animators. By contacting New Growth program we will together evaluate the best services and support for your group. It could be for example funding for team building activities, coaching services, access to animation festivals to expand your networks, or anything based on your needs.


Networks Behind New Growth is a project started in the spring of 2021. The project is funded by the European Social Fund. The fund is granted until the autumn of 2023. This project aims to enhance the individuals’ and enterprises’ readiness for change as well as qualifications for employment. With its actions, the project enables community creation, collaboration and co-creation activities. As a result, new operating models for employment and entrepreneur services will be created. The project is a collaboration between the City of Tampere, Tribe Tampere, Ensimetri and Tredu.

Nina Erkkilä


I work as a project coordinator in the New Growth project, enabling job-seekers to find their hidden self-leadership skills to succeed in their future career path! You can contact me with anything related to career coaching and networking.