Mix & Match

“You are not worth what you know but who you know!”
“Never Eat Alone!”

You know all those networking cliche slogans right? If not, we are telling you that it is very true and important to network in business life, especially in Finland!



Did you know that finding a job in Finland goes through hard networking? You should join to find right people that could help you kickstart your career and succeed in Finland!

How to find the right talent for your startup/SME/company? We have many talents in house seeking for their dream job so come and check yourself!


Most startups fail. It is a fact. One of the most important reasons is the TEAM! It’s not easy to find a core team member or co-founder for your new business or idea from your friends circle often. Thus, you should be very open to meet various people in networking events to FIND THE ONE! 🙂

If you are entrepreneurial minded person and love to be part of a startup but lacking a business idea, then just come and search for something that you would love to be part of!


Love meeting new people and discovering new opportunities? Businesses are run with people and meeting people helps you reach new dimensions, sales targets and so on. Well, you’re in right hands because we have a relaxed networking event for people who just love to meet new people.


Facilitated Speed-Networking for 4 mins around tables in circle.

– Pitch yourself for 2 mins to other side and listen other side for another 2 mins.
– Then switch to next table and person.
– Repeat
– When you finish the circle, open networking starts
– Connect with people you would want to talk again and expand the conversation freely

To get most out of it,

– Bring notebook/paper&pen and business cards, CV with you.
– Take at least 3 important notes on each person you meet behind their business card.
– Connect on LinkedIN right during or after the event.
– Follow up for possible collaboration later.

The event is in English and is FREE of charge for all participants!

Come together, mix&match, network and enjoy the evening with snacks.

Save the Dates !

January Fri 24th January 2020
February Wed 19th 2020 (Startup Rekry)
April Wed 22th 2020
May Wed 13th 2020.