Members’ page

One of the Tribe’s values is “Action!”. So, it’s self-clear that we want to get you involved in doing stuff. Here you can find some resources to get started.

Tribe Tampere 101


  • Do you have an idea of an event? You can get a place for it at P47 and even some sponsorship for the servings. Fill this and send it to
  • After you have done the event, fill this simple report. It’s also a great help for us, if you can recommend this place forward.

Other actions 

Volunteering or working at Tribe 

  • Do you wanna volunteer?
    • Join our slack, send a message to Caretaker and ask to get joined
  • Do you wanna get an internship?
  • Do you want work at Tribe?


  • Do you need to get reimbursement from Tribe? Check out these instructions, come to P47, fill the reimbursement form, bring the receipts and get it done.