Community caretaker

Now we have a community caretaker position open. Come to take care of us and P47 space.
More information:
Juho Mäkinen


Tribe Crew recruitment 2019 Fall (and on)

Here you can apply for developing the fastest growing and the most unified startup family in Finland. To become a rock star who is playing in the leading band with stellar co-stars! 

All these positions are voluntary based, and you contribute as much as you feel comfortable. The gains come from networking, as you know. It’s up to your own activity how much you get out of this. You have to be very self-oriented and passionate about “things”.

By owning any position, or by participating to any project, you will get a chance to interact with other project managers, and with the other startup communities all around Finland and even abroad. You can visit events in other cities and develop the skills you would like to develop.  

We take good people in all the time. Therefore, each month we have a one week application period.

Apply to any position by sending an email to Attach your CV and some motivation words that you feel applicable. Tell about your passion toward the position and how well you know about Tampere startup ecosystem and Tribe’s actions. 

The positions start as soon as you got accepted. Some projects are already ongoing and you can just jump in. 

Available positions