Get support

So, you have a startup mindset, and you want to get things going, but might still be a wondering where to go and what to do to get started? No worries! 

We have various opportunities and support for startups and for driven individuals to help you take your first steps!

Tribe Hotline is a 1 hour session for receiving guidance and support in your entrepreneurial journey. The service has a specific focus on the startup funnel, but whether you have an idea, a company or you are just curious about entrepreneurship, this is the right place to start from! The meeting takes place at Tribe Tampere premises in the startup house Platform 6 or online via Google Meet. Meeting language can be either English or Finnish.

MYLLY is a group coaching program for starting entrepreneurs organized twice a year. We offer you an effective package to help you make the decision: should you establish your company or not? After the program you will have a clear vision of what to do next.

These matchmaking events are designed for startups who need people to work with, and for driven individuals who want to work with startups. Each event focuses on a different target groups, such as coders, marketers, and salespeople, or for example on a topic like recruitment or clarifying skills and skill needs.

Join the network that aims to create and find new paths to working life. We are forming a community where experts from different fields can refine their ideas and skills as well as grow and evolve towards their full potential.