Finest Bay Area goes Greater Bay Area Newsletters

Newsletter Jul 27th.

Greetings all participants to the South China Greater Bay Area visit! We will see soon at Guangzhou!

You will find attached Four documents.

1. Memo and recording of the preparatory meeting in Tampere on 19 July 2019.

2. A “starter kit” to understand the cultural aspects when starting business in China.

3. Up to date schedule for the tour: For the company visits we have a minibus for 15 people each, it will cost you 100 RMB per day. The evening Dinner at 6th will cost you 200 RMB while the event is free.

Here is also the schedule for the company visits in Guangzhou

4. The poster for Guangzhou meetup that has been organized for us. It is made for marketing purposes to attract Guangzhou entrepreneurs to the event, so excuse for us bringing the most renown brand present Angry Birds forward on the title 🙂

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July 15th

Dear participants,

It is time to fill up some forms!

First confirm to us organizers the flights you are arriving and departing with, and the hotels you are staying.

Second choose in which company visit track you want to participate in Guangzhou

Program More details in a week, in Aug 7th you have the opportunity to join Slush Shenzhen casual Startup and Investor day, travel to Songshan lake to meet the East Asian Investors. In Hong Kong we will visit Hong Kong Science and Technology Park or Cyberport where most of the meetings will happen. News from Slush Shenzhen main day Aug 8th

Best regards,


July 7th

Dear readers,

we have already close to 40 Finest Bay Area participants coming! Check the list of companies from the event website. The tour is open and there are still room to join! Most relevant topics to check now.


Slush – Booths

  • Who will need the booth at Slush SZ? In addition to free tickets to Slush Shenzhen the delegate members are granted with a free booth. If you want want you need to be FAST. We need to confirm the list by Thuesday morning July 8th China time. After that we need to collect everyone’s design material. Thx in advance. Send your wish to


  • The arranged program will consists of networking sessions in Guangzhou 6th afternoon Shenzhen 7th afternoon, Slush Shenzhen 8th and Hong Kong 9th afternoon. On top of this common lunches. Rest is mostly for you to decide on yourself, take an active role, if you do not know how, ASK! Only education companies have been inquired to have meetings with Guangzhou and Shenzhen governement.

Everything will happen now in the pace of China, sudden and unexpected. main site

Best regards,

Santeri Tuovila

Project Coordinator


Friday June 28.

Dear readers,

We urge you to book your flight tickets and hotels as soon as possible.
The updated program and travel hints are at this page:
Right now the best way for you to get create your own content is to join the discussion on the General Wechat-group Greater Bay – Finest Bay.
If you have not joined yet ask me to invite you there. My Wechat id. is santerituovila
Update on the Finest Bay Area goes to Greater Bay Area trip:
  • Over 30 people joined so far from Finland, Netherlands, Chech Republic, Sweden and Japan.
  • Represented are now: education, gaming, health tech, smart industry, mobility, laser.
  • Our Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong partners have begun to work on the requests eleven participating companies have sent us.
The main program will be networking dinners, meetups, lunches and visits to conferences and innovation hubs.
This program is not mandatory to join and there is free time for you to design the program by yourself. To help you to succeed in this, we will arrange co-working spaces in each city where we can stay during the day and where you can invite people to come to meet you.
-To make transportation convenient, we will arrange a bus at least for the Shenzhen-Hong Kong border transfer.
Also for the innovation hub visit on in Hong Kong on August 9th.
We warmly suggest using the bus since it is hard to catch taxis in China without Didi-ride-hailing application
-The fee for the bus and evening dinners are required to pay individually by participants.
-We will launch a matchmaking app with Mesensei for pre-matching purposes. Registration opening soon.

In case of any questions should come to your mind, do not hesitate to ask them directly from me.

Best regards,

Santeri Tuovila
Project Coordinator