Tribe Hour – Ask Us Anything!

What exactly is Tribe? Where did it come from? What has Tribe done? Who is it for? How can I join?

If you have ever had any questions about Tribe, now is the time to get the answers!! We will be launching a monthly Tribe Hour with changing topics, where you can ask us ANYTHING that comes into your mind!

The topic of our first Tribe Hour is TRIBE HISTORY!

We have super wise and experienced guests to answer your questions:

  • Co-founder Vesa-Matti “Vesku” Ruottinen telling the story of how it all began.
  • Our COO Teemu Pinomäki who has been on the Tribe train from the beginning.
After the questions part we have a quiz for you with an incredibly amazing Tribe-themed wearable prize for the winner!

The Tribe Hour will be broadcasted through Facebook Live and Tribe’s Youtube channel simultaneously.

You can follow the broadcast and ask your questions live through either channel’s chat, OR you can send your questions to us also beforehand.

You can send us your questions through:
Facebook messenger
Tribe Slack in #ask_us_anything channel

The event is finished.


Mar 03 2021


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Online event
Watch the Youtube stream here

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