Shoots & Giggles Food Makeathon

Come create, play, and experiment in the world of food and food tech to help create more sustainable food systems.

About this Event

Calling all Food and Foodtech startups, wannabe startups, and individuals wanting to join the food industry startup community!!!

Why don’t we come together to do something fun and meaningful at the same time?

It’s been quite some time we had a hackathon. So we have decided to have one before Christmas. However, it’s not going to be a Hackathon where you develop ideas and pitch to sponsors (like last time). This one is going to be much more fun and casual. This time it’s going to be MAKE-A-THON where you can make your ideas, experiment and play. Our theme this time? Sustainable Foods.

Who?: Anyone who is interested in sustainable foods and likes making things! You can compete as a team or solo. It’s entirely up to you!

Where?: Online (Discord, other platforms TBA)

When?: Nov 13th and 14th (Times will be determined when we know the time zones of all of our participants. Please try to reserve 1/2 day on Friday and the whole day on Saturday)

How?: We’re still working out the exact logistics, but we promise you a fun, relaxed time. So reserve your ticket and we’ll be sure to send you the finer details in the coming weeks. We’re also letting our community have a voice in the challenges they do. The most popular sub-topics related to sustainable foods will be used to form the challenge questions.

In the meanwhile, if you haven’t already, why don’t you join our discord community and get to know your fellow food techies?


Nov 13 - 21 2020



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