What are the benefits of joining Tribe? What kind of opportunities does Tribe offer for individuals? How can I network through Tribe? How can I develop myself in Tribe? How do I join?


If you have ever had any questions about how you can join Tribe and what is in it for you, now is the time to get the answers!!The topic of our second Tribe Hour is DO – LEARN – GROW WITH TRIBE! (That is our version of Eat – Pray -Love)


We have awesome and inspirational Tribe interns and Tribe Fellows answering all of your questions and telling about their learning experiences and how they gained professional confidence, networks and opportunities with Tribe.
Catherine Maloney – former Tribe Community intern and a Tribe Fellow, who is now working in a startup.
Ella-Juulia Ora – former Tribe Marketing Intern, who was just employed as a marketer in a startup.
Teemu Pinomäki – our COO and recurring guest to answer all your tricky questions.


We will also hear stories about other individuals who have achieved amazing thing with a little bit of help from Tribe!
After the questions part we have a quiz for you with an incredibly amazing Tribe-themed wearable prize for the winner!


The Tribe Hour will be broadcasted through Facebook Live, and Tribe’s Youtube channel simultaneously (more info on possible other channels coming up). You can follow the broadcast and ask your questions live through any of the channel’s chat, OR you can send your questions to us also beforehand.


You can send us your questions through:
Facebook messenger
Instagram @Tribetampere
Tribe Slack in #askusanything channel
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Apr 28 2021


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm



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