2019-11-20 09:30:00

At 9:30 Brunch

Tervetuloa Tampere ES:n brunssille nauttimaan herkuista ja hyvästä seurasta (tai hiljaisuudesta, jos et ole aamuihmisiä;)) Brunssi järjestetään noin kerran kuussa ja ON KAIKILLE AVOIN!
— — —
Let’s have brunch together in great company!
Welcome to our second “At 9:30 Brunch”, an event series organized by Tampere ES. There’s going to be food, drinks and casual chatting (or silence if you’re not a morning person ;)) The brunch is OPEN TO EVERYONE!

2019-11-20 18:00:00

Tampere Slush Party


Don’t miss the chance to connect with the most important players of Tampere’s Startup Ecosystem at the world’s leading startup event!
Entrepreneurs, startups, investors and businesses: Let us celebrate the startup spirit and kick-off Slush 2019.
The evening will be hosted by Business Tampere and its partners. The program features keynote speeches, the best startups at Nordic Startup School and the results of Rapid Tampere.

⚡️Limited Availability of Tickets⚡️
Register for Tampere Slush Party 2019:

NB! There is a bus organized for the participants coming from Tampere. The bus is leaving from Tampere at the day of the party, the 20.11., at 15:30 to Helsinki, and returning from Helsinki to Tampere at around 21:00.
Register asap, as spots are limited!

2019-11-22 09:00:00

Crazy Cafe – Miksi myynti on niin vaikeaa (Tre)

Miksi myynti on niin vaikeaa? Jäsenemme Väre Oy yhdessä Myyntituli Oy kanssa järjestää avoimet aamukahvit, jossa saadaan myynti kukoistamaan. Miksi myyntikohtaamiset ovat meille fiksuille asiantuntijoille niin hankalia?

Linda Asikainen MYYNTITULI Oy:sta avaa onnistuneen myyntikohtaamisen avaintekijät ja pureudumme myös juurisyihin siinä, että miksi myynti on monille hankalaa, vaikka tuote on kunnossa. Jokainen osallistuja saa myös omaan myyntinsä vauhdittamiseen konkreettisia keinoja.

2019-11-23 12:00:00

Food+Tech Hackathon

Foodtechies, Tribe Tampere, Valaa Technologies and cordially invite you to participate Tampere’s 1st ever Foodtech Hackathon. Come and join us in solving today’s local and global food challenges!


  • How would a Platform 6 community co-kitchen become Intelligent (together with

  • What would food entrepreneurs (home / popup cooks, mobile restaurants, trailers, or early stage food business…) really need to market themselves digitally and to reach customers? (together with

  • Your own Foodtech case and team… We welcome all Food + Tech related challenges!Don’t forget to register!

2019-11-26 09:00:00

Hack your talent need

Are you looking for new talent, business growth or are you planning on entering new markets?

Tampere has plenty of highly educated international talents with linguistic abilities who are inventive and motivated. They are looking for jobs or freelancing opportunities. We have also various services that help companies to grow and recruit people in Tampere region. Hack Your Talent Need brings these together on 26.11.2019 to Kampusklubi in Hervanta.

During this event:
• We will map your needs so that your company can recognize what skills and services you need to utilize in your business
• Explore international know-how and the value it brings
• Discuss your company issues with international professionals
• Interview public service providers that can help your company with growth and recruitment

This event is organized by Talent Tampere
Commerce, more information about the project:

SING UP YOUR COMPANY by 19.11.2019! Through this link:

If you are an international talent and intrested about this event, you don’t need to enroll in beforehand.

2019-11-26 17:00:00

Sauna Pitching

Are you a student hungry for business pitches and startup vibe? Are you a fan of sauna as well? What if we combined those two for you?

Welcome to the 1st Tampere Sauna Pitching!

Grab your ticket or apply as a pitcher or volunteer in the link below!

2019-11-27 16:30:00

Mix and Match

Facilitated Speed-Networking for 4 mins around tables in circle.

– Pitch yourself for 2 mins to other side and listen other side for another 2 mins.
– Then switch to next table and person.
– Repeat
– When you finish the circle, open networking starts
– Connect with people you would want to talk again and expand the conversation freely

To get most out of it,

– Bring notebook/paper&pen and business cards, CV with you.
– Take at least 3 important notes on each person you meet behind their business card.
– Connect on LinkedIN right during or after the event.
– Follow up for possible collaboration later.

The event is in English and is FREE of charge for all participants! The topic of this month is Sharing Economy.

2019-12-05 20:00:00

Community Pikkujoulu

Snow is slowly covering the ground, and the smell of Christmas is in the air.  Join us to celebrate Community Pikkujoulu 2019 at P47!

We´ll have snacks, glöggi and Christmas tree, and we expect you to bring the good startup spirit.