2019-08-23 08:00:00

Business Meet 2019: myynti, asiakaskokemus ja palvelumuotoilu

Miten myyn vuonna 2020?

Kohinan myötä myös myynnin mindset- muuttuu. Vuoden teemana ovat Modernin myynnin tulevaisuus, asiakaskokemus ja palvelumuotoilu. Puhujina Kim Väisänen, Pia Hautamäki, Jarkko Kurvinen, Mikko Seppä, Jani Aaltonen, Perttu Ahvenainen, Katri Tanni, Henna Niiranen, Nina Rinne, Veikko Törrönen, Juho Liljeroos ja muut tapahtuman asiantuntijakumppanit ja yritykset.

Early Bird -liput myynnissä 31.5.2019 asti. Tänä vuonna tapahtumasta on mahdollista nauttia myös VIP-tyyliin.

Lisätietoja lipuista ja ohjelmasta osoitteesta

2019-08-23 09:00:00

Erilaisuudesta liikevaihtoa bisnekseen – avoimet aamukahvit Tre

Avoimet aamukahvit jatkuvat taas – ILMOITTAUDU MUKAAN!

Kutsumme teidät mukaan kuulemaan, miten erilaisuudesta saadaan liikevaihtoa bisnekseen ja kuinka opit olemaan suhtautumatta!

Aamun ajatuksia herättelee Emilia Mäkiranta. Hän on positiivisella asenteella varustettu Mainio-asenteen kouluttaja.Emilia avaa yksilöllisten palvelujen merkitystä yritysten liiketoimintaan. Kohtaamalla saat kassan kuntoon.

Emilia on töissä Matrocks Oy:llä, joka on mielekkään vapaa-ajan mahdollistaja. Matrocks toimi kuudella eri sektorilla. Heidän ydinosaamista ovat esteettömät tilausajot, tuetun vapaa-ajan palvelut, liikkuva päivätoiminta, matkapalvelut, ohjelmapalvelut sekä asenteellisen esteettömyyden ja yrittäjyyden koulutukset.

Emilia ei myöskään hätkähdä kysymyksiä – tule mukaan, opi olemaan suhtautumatta ja kysy nekin asiat, joita et ole aiemmin kehdannut!

2019-08-28 16:00:00

Kubernetes and CNCF Tampere Meetup

This group is for all Kubernauts and cloud enthusiasts that are living, working or visiting Tampere that want to talk and share their experiences with Cloud Native Computing Foundation software.
The Kubernetes and CNCF Tampere meetup is part of the official CNCF Finland Meetup group ( about the technologies hosted under CNCF umbrella.

We host talks from anyone doing cool things with Kubernetes, and the other CNCF technologies, including companies using them in production or vendors who are pushing the boundaries of what the cloud native techs can do.

Presentations will be focused on introduction slides, guides, workshops, adoption stories and demos, but not sales pitches. The meetup will be organized in an open and democratic way, where anyone that wants to help out sponsoring a venue or speaking will be truly welcome.
This meetup’s official language is English; the conversations and presentation will be in English.

2019-08-30 09:00:00

AI Hub Workshop

AI Hub Workshop 30.8.2019 is about Object Detection.


  • 9:00 Welcome coffee
  • 9:30 Fundamentals of object detection in the machine learning paradigm.
  • 11:00 Hands-on session 1: Classical object detection using scikit-learn and opencv libraries.
  • 11:30 Lunch (on your own)
  • 12:30 Deep learning for classification
  • 14:00 Deep learning for object detection
  • 15:30 Hands-on session 2: Using tensorflow object detection API.
  • 16:00 Closing

Registered participants will receive instructions on how to install the required libraries before the event.

This workshop is primarily targeted at companies active in the Pirkanmaa region. Please mark your affiliation upon registration.

2019-08-30 16:00:00

Health PUB

Open networking event for healthtech people in Pirkanmaa region.

Avoin verkostoitumistapahtuma Pirkanmaan alueen terveysteknologiasta kiinnostuneille ihmisille.

2019-09-03 08:30:00

Autumn Sparring Breakfasts

During autumn, we launch a new series of events in collaboration with Business Tampere. Sparring breakfasts are targeted at entrepreneurs / interested in entrepreneurship and people working in startup / growth companies. The idea is to meet around a specific theme and share knowledge and experiences as well as learn from each other. In our view, the best way to reach success and avoid mistakes that someone else has already done, is to openly discuss our own challenges and listen what others have to say. The aim is also to invite someone who is an expert on the theme to lead discussions event but the focus is on participants’ peer support.

The event is between 08:30-10:00, but there is possibility to continue discussions longer if needed.  The next topic is “How to find advisors/build a company board?”

Event is free of charge and includes breakfast served.
Sign up for the events here:

Ps. Have you remembered to join Startup Tampere -Slack channel where we actively notify businesses for different existing opportunities. Link to join:

2019-09-03 13:00:00

Round tale discussions with Business Tampere

Industry focused round tables started last spring and are now continuing. Around three main focus industries the goal is together with businesses develop some new processes or working models which would support the growth of companies. Next step is to organize brief meeting, where we can together decide how reserved development budget should be used in order for companies to benefit it the most. Round tables are hosted at Tribe Tampere.

–          Tue 3.9.2019, 13-14 Health,

–          Tue 3.9.2019, 14-15 Education

–          Tue 3.9.2019, 15-16 Game

2019-09-06 16:30:00

Friday Games Fest

Tracon Friday Games Fest (previously Peliperjantai) is a completely free, one evening event all about games. We have invited industry professionals to talk at our seminar, and this year we also have stands held by game-related organizations and companies.

2019-09-09 19:00:00

Tech Race Tampere

Tech Race Finland tours through cities of Finland trying to find the top concentration of tech masterminds in our country. In every event, the local participants will receive a large pool of challenges to solve, ranging from programming puzzles to design problems, from basic tasks to extremely tricky ones.

Are you ready to help your hometown become the techiest of them all? Gather your local tech community together and get ready to race against other cities!

Attend Tech Race Tampere
Score points for your city
The city with the most points wins prizes

2019-09-20 18:30:00

Startup Weekend Sustainability Tampere

Startup Weekend Tampere is a 54-hour event where developers, designers and business development folks come together to form teams, validate ideas, build new products and launch startups – all in one weekend.

Startup Weekend Sustainability is the perfect opportunity to pitch an idea, gather a team, and turn that idea into a startup. The idea can be sustainability-focused, or simply a business which integrates sustainable practices in operations and strategy. The rest will be provided by us: the tools to get your idea produced in an incredibly short amount of time, test it with potential consumers, and pitch your startup in front of a panel of judges.