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BS corner: Big Picture -> action plan

February 16 @ 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Freestyle brainstorming with structure, but no limits. Here we tackle together the biggest tech & society topics, eg:

-The edgiest new technologies [you name it]
-AI and psychology
-Space exploration
-Sharing economy
-Dyson sphere
-Planet colonization
-Space elevator
-Sense of belonging
-Brain-machine interface
-Imaginary friends
-VR innovation playgrounds
-Sense of security
-Who is in charge?
-“Universities make you work, not think”
-Green childhood means green wishes as an adult
-Games for development
-Information overload
-Were cavemen bored?
-Fusion powerplants
-Energy aftermarkets in blockchain
-How life began?
-Origin of first microbe?
-Cycle of life
-Can we transfer consciousness?
-Freedom of thinking
-What to believe?
-Is research relevant?
-Schools & socialization
-Going “deviceless”
-Shared devices
-Rise of the Crowd.
-Platforms everywhere.
-The social media dopamine fix vs. reason and empathy.
-Devaluation of facts, “postfactual society”.
-Political systems in upheaval.
-[insert a topic you know about!]
-[insert another topic that interests you!]

You will get these:

-Identify opportunities and make a real plan for action. It can be a new business idea, or another kind of goal.

-Acquire new insight into where society is heading.

You will meet:

-Unique and bright people from different backgrounds, you perhaps wouldn’t otherwise meet. Maybe some of these people will realize your vision together with you?

How? In BS Corner you will:

-Join in realistic and goal oriented small group discussions, but from a larger than usual perspective (say “the galaxy” or “human lifespan”)

-Connect dots in a very big picture and wide variety of today’s society & tech.

-Locate the faultlines in the big picture, and then make a plan: what you and/or others can DO at those faultlines.. That’s where the opportunities are!

You get also:
-To jolt your mind.
-To join the Friday night afterparty.

Extra info below.


Old East Asian philosophy has three actors: Heaven, Earth and Man.

Our modern version is Space, the Earth and Society.

Make a big grid. Write Space (天) at the top, Human & Society (人) in the middle, Earth (地) at the bottom.

This grid is our practical framework to input insights.


The playfully named BS Corner is BrainStorming with a plan. We ask not only what is, but what can be done.

You: Have ideas brewing but they sound too crazy to reveal? Got pent up creative energies? Are daily discussions just circling around the same old topics? Want to jolt your mind with ideas of life, the world, society, business, technology? You are allowed to speak up and not hold back!

The Corner procedure is: intro to the offline grid -> small group work -> an action plan based on your results.

Participation requirements: ideas in your head, ears eager to listen to others, and willingness to contribute in a cooperative and constructive manner.


February 16
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Event Category:


BS international


Pinninkatu 47
Tampere, 33100 Finland
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