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About Tribe Tampere: www.tribetampere.com

Tribe Tampere is an entrepreneurial community (association), which helps startup communities and entrepreneurial organizations to collaborate at Tampere startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Tribe enables meaningful encounters by supporting and accelerating its member organizations, who have individual people, teams and companies as their members. Tribe is about empowering people to reach their limits and bringing startup mindset to Tampere. We are stronger together! 

Tribe promotes information exchange and meetups across its member organizations and partners as a platform, provides collaborative space for entrepreneurial events and supports the best entrepreneurial communities and startup initiatives in the ecosystem. In order to do so, Tribe has built and operates P47 premises located at Pinninkatu 47, Tampere.

Everyone is welcome to join the action within Tribe: to meet new people, organise an event, join a entrepreneurial community, develop your talent and skills, get recruited by a startup company or create one of your own, make a social impact, and invest your time and money into a new beginning. Tribe empowers you to pursue your own ideas, whether it’s building an event, finding a startup team or reaching out for your personal dreams.

Job description

Tribe Tampere doesn’t have many own events, but we still organize some. As an event lead you would be responsible organizing a few mingling events for the spring. We already have all the event concepts ready for you, so you are not needed to invent them. However, you don’t have to make any of those, and you can implement your own visions. It’s up to you to create and help to create awesome events in Tampere startup ecosystem. You will work with the other team of course. 

Description of the attitude required

  • Take ownership of Tribe Tampere and feeling responsible for its future. Using it to make as well your own ambitions come true and to Tampere taking new heights!
  • Good communicative and collaborative team spirit – you are a people’s person
    • Making everybody feel warmly welcome and guiding into Tribe culture.
    • Engaging people to meet each other and to take equally part into action.
    • Listening to ideas, feedback and conversations
    • Discussions and suggesting proactively developments based on them.
    • In all communications, fostering the purpose, goals and codes of conduct of Tribe.

Obligatory skill and knowledge requirements

  • Know-how about web development, any language or platform. 
  • Willingness to learn more
  • Entrepreneurial attitude
  • Good Communication skills (good level of English)
  • Understanding of Tampere entrepreneurial ecosystem (at least strong will to learn to understand it).
  • Ability to develop the job further, open-mindedness and being active and self-organised

NOTE: This job is about strong passion to work with startups, startup-minded people and the ones interested in entrepreneurship. So, the entrepreneurial attitude is a must-have. If something has to be done, it has to be done, no matter of time expected to be consumed at the given moment.

Recommended other requirements

  • Hands-on experience from startup field and entrepreneurship
  • International experience
  • Driving licence in use for transportation
  • Diversity is encouraged – and fully open-minded and entrepreneurial mindset which doesn’t look for any age, gender, orientation, nationality, ethnicity, background, etc!

Commitment that is needed

This position is voluntary position, so you contribute as much as you can. However, in order to get a good experience and contacts during the journey around 10h/week commitment would be good. The selection process is made at the beginning January 2019. The duration of the position is till June 2019 (there is a possibility to continue).

What can we offer?

While working for Tribe Tampere, you are in the middle of the smartest, most experimentative, very transparent and one of the fastest-growing startup ecosystems in the Nordics!

You will be able work with passionate startup-minded volunteers and get to know awesome entrepreneurial people from Tampere, other Finnish cities and from international level. At the same time you are will be able to develop networks and projects to jump into new heights whatever you are pursuing for.

Tribe Tampere is all about collaboration, and it is committed to make Tampere entrepreneurial communities and startup companies shine. This is your chance of a lifetime to be an integral part of a truly amazing change which will affect both Tampere and your life for years to follow!

Application period & method

The next deadline for the applications is on  6th of January 2019. 

Apply by sending your free form application and CV to caretaker@tribetampere.com

Further information

Should you have any question address them to Vesa-Matti.

Vesa-Matti Ruottinen
Community Caretaker
+358 40 8372696