Tribe Tampere Community

Community of startups, individuals and entities

Tribe Tampere is activating individuals and entities inside and outside of Platform6 for common action to build the community.

Our goal is to unite the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Tampere area, bringing the key players together and creating meaningful encounters. We are organizing recurring events and creating projects to unify all the players of the scene.

You can find us at Platform6 during office hours, or book a meeting with us (online/offline). See our contact information and drop us a message!

How to join

Tribe Tampere is acting as a gateway to the startup ecosystem for newcomers. 

Are you an individual who lives in Tampere area and are passionate to influence and collaborate
in the startup ecosystem in Tampere? Tribe Fellowship is for you!
(If you don’t live in Tampere area, but want to network with the community, join Tribe Tampere Slack!)

Tribe Fellowship is for driven people who are interested in getting involved in Tampere startup ecosystem and developing their networks. You can be on your own startup journey or interested in developing yourself by developing the Tampere startup ecosystem.

Participating in the Tribe Tampere Fellowship program you are at the heart of the Tampere startup ecosystem. You will become a part of a community where you get support to develop yourself as well as your ideas.

What I Get?

  • Access to Fellowship Slack channel, where you get a community of like-minded individuals to help you, and an opportunity to be the first to hear about startup related new projects and participate in them. You can also pitch your own ideas, jobs and projects to other Fellows.
  • The opportunity to book low-threshold sparring for ideas or self-development from exprerienced Tribe actives.
  • Twice a month Fellowship meetings. (During COVID these are held 100% online, hopefully soon 100% live!)

What is expected from me?

Fellows are the most active part of Tribe Tampere community. How to be active you say?

  • Be active in our Slack channel! Share insights, tools, events and best practices around startup topics.
  • Participate in the bi-weekly Fellowship meetings. These will be live meetings as soon as that is possible again.
  • Ask and offer actively help from others; try to find out what people have to offer for you and give your help first!

Board Member Organizations

Each organisation has a representative in Tribe Tampere board


Supporting and enabling Tribe in our mission


Working together to unify the Tampere startup ecosystem