Tribe Tampere Community

Community of startups, individuals and entities

Tribe Tampere is activating individuals and entities inside and outside of Platform6 for common action to build the community.

Our goal is to unite the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Tampere area, bringing the key players together and creating meaningful encounters. We are organizing recurring events and creating projects to unify all the players of the scene.

You can find us at Platform6 during office hours, or book a meeting with us (online/offline). See our contact information and drop us a message!

How to join

Tribe Tampere is acting as a gateway to the startup ecosystem for newcomers. We have projects and events you can participate in building, and gain valuable experience, information and networks inside the ecosystem. But not everything is initiated by us. If you have a fantastic idea of a project or event that would boost up the ecosystem, we are willing to help you with your idea and provide resources and guidance to get your idea to the next level!

Are you an individual passionate to influence and collaborate
in the startup ecosystem in Tampere? Tribe Fellowship is for you!

Want to work together with Tribe’s operational team to build the community? Apply now to be a Tribe Fellow! The Tribe Fellowship is a program for entrepreneurial-minded people who would like to take a larger role in contributing to the start-up community. It is the fastest way for people who are interested to get involved and develop their networks.

As a Tribe Fellow you will have the opportunity to take on leading roles in the projects and events organised by the Tribe and their partners. We also strongly encourage anyone who has an idea for a project to apply – small or large – it doesn’t matter! As long as it benefits the start-up ecosystem, Tribe will provide you with the support that you need to carry out your plan.

As a Tribe Fellow – you will be assigned a “buddy” from the Tribe Operational Team who will be there to personally guide you to any resources or networks you need. Every three months we will have a 1:1 meeting with each Tribe Fellow to get feedback from their journey and work on what their next steps should be.

You will also have key access to the 5th floor living room at Platform 6 to work on your projects (at a cost of 15euro for the physical key).

Got any questions about Tribe Fellowship or wondering if you should apply? Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email, message on slack or grab a coffee with us! We are excited to have you on board – the more the merrier!

Do you have a cool idea or a proposal
that would benefit Tampere´s startup ecosystem?

It could be an event, community building activities or projects benefiting startups, etc. anything that helps our startup ecosystem. Apply for Tribe Tampere´s support and let us know what kind of resources are you looking for.

Board Member Organizations

Each organisation has a representative in Tribe Tampere board


Supporting and enabling Tribe in our mission


Working together to unify the Tampere startup ecosystem